Please give us warning when the game is going to be down for maintenance


I was on my way to the stops tonight when suddenly the game went down for maintenance.
I have very limited time to go around green stops getting the featured dinosaurs.

I waited around for 30 minutes hoping I could log in again, but I couldn’t, so I’ve missed out on Gorgosuchus, which is easily the most rare one of this week, so it confuses me even more that you chose today to do maintenance.

While I’m on the topic, why do green stops ever despawn the featured dinosaurs?
We have limited attempts to get DNA, there’s no reason that I should show up to a stop and not find the dinosaur there. I would have been able to get at least one Gorgosuchus if it hadn’t been despawned at my closest stop.

Next time, please give an in-game warning when maintenance is about to occur so we can plan accordingly.

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This isn’t just regular maintenance it is the 1.3 update that was just announced! For future reference they do the game update approx 3 pm eastern time and last for a couple of hours!


Thanks for info.
Maintenance or not, a warning would have still been appropriate and helpful