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Please halt the boost sales!

I actually like boosts as they let you customize your team. I was disappointed when they were reset and I felt I lost a lot of boosts. But, I rolled with it. I read your justification and thought you seemed on the right track to make boosts more even and not as readily available. You explained how players could get just so many boosts per week but also noted that boosts would be for sale occasionally.

Occasionally has turned into an every day occurrence. At first I bought in. I grabbed some of the deals and spent a lot more than I normally would, thinking boost sales would be an uncommon thing. Boosts are on sale way too much and I am unwilling to pay for them each time, but I know players who will. I can only imagine that the reason you are selling them so much is because of the influx in revenue. Revenue is definitely important. And I look at my purchases as an investment in your game and an affirmation that you are trying to improve the game.

The problem exists in the long run. I’ve been VIP since June of 2018. I’m not a top tier battler, but I do sufficiently well for the game to remain fun. But now with boosts being on sale so often, I feel I just can’t keep up. I feel like I’m going to be left behind by players who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars a week to make a superior team. If I’m not going to remain competitive, the only real option for me is to stop playing the game. Please don’t read this as “do what I say or I quit”. I’m here simply to share my feelings about the game in an effort to provide you with information and a warning. I know I can’t be the only one feeling like this.

In addition, nerfing some of my favorite dinos on my team leads to further frustration. There goes more investment down the drain. It’s a game. And while nearly every game has some aspect of grinding, it is disheartening to see a resource you’ve spent many hours cultivating suddenly become obsolete.

A game should be fun. With the recent nerfs and the frequent boost sales, the enjoyment is rapidly diminishing for me. Thanks for reading.


This is exactly why i quit the game recently. It’s not for free players anymore. I wasn’t going to watch my team that i worked hard for become a mediocre team just because of the unlimited boosts. So i bought a ps4 and haven’t looked back.


Going Free-To-Play will solve all of your problems.

I don’t chase the leaderboard anymore… been there for better part of a year (before boosts) and I didn’t really feel any different.

Now though … there will always be someone willing to throw away more cash than you. It’s a losing battle and one you’re best staying out of altogether.

There will come a day … maybe a month… maybe a year … maybe a few years from now and you’ll regret how much money you’ve squandered on what’s just a game.


Though I haven’t quit I recently gave up on uniques and the endgame. No point unless you drop thousands of dollars.

I’m working on leveling up my turtle! haha My all epic team won’t be complete without it!


This right here.

I’ll he honest, I spent over $400 on the game last year since launch. The game was so incredibly frustrating, and I would impulse buy in anger to try and make my team better and to try and “buy” my team. My rng has always been pretty bad, and due to my job, I don’t have as much free time to hunt as many do, so I had to make up for my lost dna and coins by battling and buying coins/ sales.

I became FTP around March and I can say that I’m much less stressed out over the game. I don’t care so much of the leaderboard now since I’m not willing to spend thousands of dollars and I can’t do enough cash offers to make up the difference. I have other goals now, I battle with creatures I like instead of what ever is “meta”, and I always chuckle when my Ankylocodon Para, or Tany take out a Thor, Erli, Magna, etc… In Library.

Before 1.10 I often got messages asking me why I never used Draco or Proce. Told them all the same thing, I don’t like them so I won’t use them, nor should I be forced too. I play how I want.

Besides, its much more satisfying getting a win on someone who is using a rat when my Thor one shots it, or I swap to one of my stun immune or counter attackers to take it out. :laughing:

I rarely had fun and satisfying matches like that when I was PTW.


For the past few months me and some other players are collecting evidence from all over the place. It doesn’t look good for Ludia!
We now are in contact with our lawyers and prepering a collective lawsuit.

We need as many people are willing to join us as suitors with us or as witnesses to this case. We will demand for a foul refund for all our purchases and for all the time spend to this fraud game.

We will make our case in a few days. Just keep in touch and I hope you join us. The more, the better!!

it won’t, of course, but this post from this user should rattle ludia to its core.


I wish they’d just gone cosmetic. I’d have loved to have seen a “not trex” skin that allows your trex to put on a flimsy looking raptor suit. Or a Christmas hat. Or something. That makes money - look at fortnite and LoL.

I cancelled VIP 14 months ago. The last money I spent on the game was 12 months ago from a Christmas gift card.

I do still provide them a lot of revenue in the form of tapjoy for now, but I hate that I spend more time playing other games than the one I’m doing the offers for.


The only way to win is to not play. Or at least not to play Ludia’s game. If you think you’re going to get ahead battling, then you have picked a long and expensive path - and one that they will keep changing to maximize profits on new and different dinos.

You need to find a different way to enjoy the game. Collecting or playing PvE for instance. If you do want to battle just forget about the trophy count and have fun. Yeah, you might drop, but it’s just a different background that you’ll be looking at.


I agree with your op entirely with one except for boosts 2.0 causing an increase in revenue. Play store charts show this gaming going downwards since boosts 2.0 was released.

My theory is the daily sales is them trying to recoup as much revenue off the ones still buying boosts on every sale until then likely rework boosts yet again.


LOVE the WarGames reference! One of my favorite movies.

And featured a flying pteranodon!



Ew no! I’m very glad they didn’t go that route that would definitely have ruined the game for me.

I figured. This game really draws a different kind of crowd for the most part.

More then boosts?

I would have spent more money and enjoyed the crazy skins… changing my whole teams appearance before battling with how my rng was going could have been more amusing then the game currently is.

Either way boosts have put Ludia in a terrible situation. Roll back again… and lose money… or continue to lose money. And they still gotta pay google for the ar technology this game runs on. Which means the more this game loses money the more likely we are to eventually stop seeing content updates and see a shutdown.


I’m not really sure what you mean, but that’s just sooo not Jurassic Park/world or even very dinosaury. I love the realish Dinosaur graphics and gameplay.


Why? You would have to do this with every company with micro transactions. Things are changed in games all the time. Not just this one.
LoL has character and item changes all the time, people have spent tens of thousands of $$$ on them too or spent thousands of hours on the game.

I used to play Smite which is a Moba similar to LoL, same thing. Things get changed all the time. I spent over 1400 hours playing smite and spent about $2600 (not kidding). Many gods I played or items I used often got nerfed or buffed.

You agree to take that risk of things changing when you go over the TOS.

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Boosts aren’t great, but I love the idea of team power customization. I don’t hate Boosts like a lot of other people, I think speed boost are the problem. A major speed boost adjustment like capping amount per species to 10 would do wonders IMHO.

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I mean exactly what you said :slight_smile: This game seems to have successfully enticed folks such as yourself (and my wife is another example) to play.

That’s totally fine.

I don’t play cause dinos - they could be ghosts or dragons or wizards or pokemon for all I care. I like arena. And collecting is kinda fun. But I’m not hardcore into dinos or anything. That’s why I’d like skins. And that’s why you wouldn’t.

And that’s ok. Different people are different :slight_smile:


Lol has absolutely no pay to win aspect you pay to change the way your character looks and nothing more. Its not even in the same category of Ludia monetization system and that matters.

Tos dont hold up in a court… they dont give companies the green light to do things like boosts 2.0.

Changing the way things that are purchased with real money is a huge grey area noone has really pushed and no company has basically punished their whales quite like boosts 2.0 did. If their is a group of people willing to push for a change to the status quo by all means.