Please Help! Bug! De-Leveled my Dinosaur!

Date - 08.02.2022
Dinosaur - Parasarolouphus
Device - iPad

Incident - I, PrismStarlight, spent [60 Cash] to purchase [2,500 Coins] to level my [Parasolouphus] from level 14 to level 15. I received an Achievement stating that I had leveled my dinosaur to level 15. I then went to catch a Dimorphodon on the map, and when I returned to my dinosaur collection, it was as if my Parasarolophous had not leveled, although, my cash and coins were spent.

Not only have I never seen or heard that this happened, this is extremely frustrating.

Please advice. It is not easy for me to just go around collecting DNA for a dinosaur I rarely see in the wild.

Please fix this, as soon as you are able.


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Hi there Erin_Hochwald. If restarting your game makes no difference, our support team can take a closer look at this if you contact them in-game by Tapping your Level icon and then Settings > Help & Info > Help & Support > Chat bubble icon on the top right.