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Please Help Erlidominus

The game has reached a point where everything is swap ins and doing 2k+ damage with dinos like ceramagnus/whooly Rhino/MRhino.

Sadly, Erlidominus has been one of the greatest victims of this shift. On top of that, Erlidominus was formerly immune to everything in the game. It has lost its speed immunity and now it can be decreased in speed. Erlidominus just can’t compete very well against dinos with resilient and its weaker than a Dino like Erlikospyx in almost every single way.

Erlidom should be a viable alternative to spyx when considering how hard it is to create this unique and level it. Please Ludia, increase Erlidominus health, or give it back its speed immunity, or even give it no escape so that it isn’t swap in bait. This unique has such a great design, please help it.


Hey ,the No escape passive would add some creepyness to this chicken,but an on escape move(on escape cloak) would be more practical,and a health increase to 3600-3900?
But would on escape cloak be too broken?


Love the idea of escape cloak


While I agree that Erlidom needs some love and on escape cloak would be great, if admittedly a little OP. Complaining that a pure cunning doesn’t do well against resilient is a little pointless, cunning isn’t suppose to do well against resilient

Spyx does have a better move set for the current meta but Erlidom isn’t weaker in every way. Erlidom has double the crit rate, 50% speed decrease immunity, faster base speed and rend resistance


The problem isn’t Erlidom specifically, but that resilients are too powerful compared to fierce and cunning. Just check the teams of the top players - they are all dominated by resilients.

Though I agree that the latest nerf to erlidom was unfortunate. Revenge clock might sound good in theory but its pretty much useless in real play.

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