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Please Help Ludia!

At the start of the game when it loads it asked me which account to open with (Facebook, Google Play and Guest) I picked Google Play (I thought my account was through that) and now my account is gone and it’s starting a new one… No!! I want my old account back, been playing this game since the start and really, really want to keep my old account.Could someone please help me out!! (I’m starting to panic)

Maybe I should uninstall the game then download it again? (that might give me the choice of picking Facebook,Google Play and Guest again and pick a different one… I don’t know… I’m not very good with all this sort of stuff.) Anyone… Please Help!!

My game has never asked me to pick an account before until today, I don’t know why, could have been from being in a no reception area just before I logged in, I’m not sure… I feel lost without being able to play…

Yeah, poor service connection can cause the game to basically log you out and put you at that screen. However, I don’t think your account is gone. If it created a new game under your google play account, you may not have linked it and used Facebook as a log in. In the settings menu, there should be an option to log out of the google play account. Do that and it should take you back to the account selection screen. If facebook was in fact your original log in method, your account on that should be all there.

Once you get back in, if you do want to link your account with a google play, you will probably have to go through support to get that new account deleted so you can link your main account to it. Just hitting the link button for it in settings may wipe your game and replace it with that new one.

Thanks Qiew, it’s either Facebook or Guest I’m with… Do you mean go to the settings in the game to get rid of Google Play account? (when I went into the game it asked me to give a name to start my account, I couldn’t access the settings yet)

Yep. You’ll have to go through the catching and creating tutorial before you can access the settings. It’s a pain.

Thank you so much Qiew… I’ll give that a try.

Hoping it works for you.

Right!! I went through the tutorial then logged out and changed to facebook and Nnooo!! (that didn’t work) so did the facebook tutorial (Lol) and logged out and chose Guest… Yayyyy!! I’m Back!! Thanks for the help Qiew… You’re a Legend!!

Now I’m back in, if I go to the settings and connect to google play, will that save my account there?

Your gonna want to link that account to some kind of backup system… at this point logging into either google or facebook will now take you to those “new” accounts…

Option a) contact Ludia customer service and request they delete those accounts so you can link your account to them.

Option b) create another google account and from inside your guest account in game link it to this new google acount.

One will be cleanbut will most likely take days with ludia customer service… the other will take 5 minutes but will give you a google account that serves nothing but a game save.

As of right now if something were to happen to your phone your account would be a nightmare to retrieve.

O.k. Evicton, thanks mate, I’ll get onto it… (and treat my phone like gold until then… Lol)

Agreed. I’m currently in a bind with my own account. I had it originally on google play, but i wanted to also play on my ipad. Downloaded the game, got through the tutorial, and didn’t know what to do from there. I feared that if i connected to facebook with it, i would loose all my game progress (since i also connected my main to facebook for rewards and such) so i contacted support about it. They transfered data over to the ipad. happened while i was playing on my phone, so the game booted me and made a new account. I goofed and tried to link through facebook and google play when i didn’t set it up on the ipad yet. Now i have 2 new accounts i need to get rid of before i can finish linking everything. I realize now that it would’ve been easier and not an issue if i just linked to facebook on the ipad in the first place since it would’ve replaced the new account with the data from my original. Oh well. live and learn. With how quickly i’ve been getting responses, everything should be fixed tomorrow.

Hope it all goes well for you, I’ve been playing for ages, I didn’t even know what I was with until now, being a Guest doesn’t leave my game too safe so I’ll have to do the Google Play thingy, just gotta get rid of the new account…