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Please help make Jurassic world alive more realistic

Okay by that I don’t mean like oh yeah the dinosaurs can kill your character and you will have to start over I mean like add updates for people who live in rural areas please because I think it would be more realistic if there were more dinosaurs out in the open then cramped up in the city but please just help me I live like out in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have any legendary sanding am barely even close to any like littearly all the Jurassic park not world movies take place in the middle of NOWHERE so please stressful make the original Jurassic park dinosaurs like T. rex brachi veloci and spiny for rural players

I like the game as the way it is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ok what… first of use some periods lol, second the movies take place on an island, if you wanted them more realistic nobody would get anything.


The game isn’t meant to be realistic, but for entertainment. That’s just me.


I totes agree.


Maybe if you had just said “boost spawns in rural areas” you would gain more traction in this forum. Instead, you seem to want to tip the scales away from those living inner-city?

Then you frame it as “make it more realistic.” Can we try this discussion again with a cohesive proposal? Just a suggestion.


Ok I am sorry just please I am bad at writing and stuff and good titles for articles just please I mean that there should be maybe boosted dinosaurs in rural areas second I haven’t watch Jurassic world in a long time so please I forgot it took place on an island okay?

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