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Please, Help me build the ”eternity-deck”



I would like to build a deck where the idé is to fight for a eternity.
The best would be that the opponent just gave up or the fight stayed on for like 15 min.

Need ideas what dinos to use in the deck. Have every dino except few uniques.

Please give me some inspiration for combinations and good abilities!

And… If it could work to handle the Draco Swap in in a funny way, that would be awesome!


Why would you want to do that? Hardly a fun game.

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Just to do ”something else” or see how crearues in the game could perform or see how opponents handle the situation.


Have every dino, but don’t know how to use them.

…and you’re bored with the game.

You’re making my antennae tingle.


Thanks for replay.

There are plenty of ways to play a game.
And the discussion is not about that.



Any battle that features Ankyntrosaurus feels like it takes an eternity …


100% agreed! I get so bored facing that one.


lol, also swap in invicibility and long invicibility of alankylo.
oh and trago too.
those are some boring dinos

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Tragod, stegod, ankyntro, ankylo…

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Akyntro, trag, and monomimus that evades 100% but only strikes back with 1x damage. Borrrinnnnngggg.


Nodopatotitan is king of stalling matches


Thanks for all ideas!

Have anyone thought about having a set of dinos with ”Distraction” that could stack 50% so the damage will become zero…?

Example using monolophosaurus both attacks, zero damage, then swapping for example Diplocaulus gen 2, who have a SIA.
And then aswell instant. And aswell Koolasuchus, kentrosaurus…

The whole deck would work around the distraction ideas…

Would it work?


It’s true that there are many ways to play a game, but when the way you’ve chosen to play is to grief your opponent into quitting because you’re deliberately wasting their time, don’t expect to make that announcement without receiving derisive feedback.

Having fun at the expense of others is not a virtue. You do you, but don’t expect others to like it.


As I see it, the Idea of building a deck of dinos is aswell to be prepared for you opponents.

Problem with this game is that most players use SAME STUFF and everyone knows what to use to handle that.

When different dinos comes to the arena with new and other abilities, pepole need to re-think and maby feel the thing of not having the perfect deck.

One day when meta evolves and more dinos (probably) come, people need to prepare their teams better.

If you ever played Magic The Gathering or other card-games, you will understand better what I mean.


I do play MTG and that’s precisely what I was thinking about. You don’t make friends with control decks, and you get booted from play when you deliberately stall games, and for good reason. It’s poor sportsmanship.


It is fun to play around with new dinos, but I would suggest doing it for friendly matches. The arena is already brutal as it is and when people already have to play (i.e lose) 5 games to get an incubator, a 15 minute game that lasts forever is just salt in the wound.

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Cool we can share the MTG :slight_smile:

I mean more a deck with alternative win condition, not that mutch of a ”control deck”, more a deck of ”You win the game when having 100 cards in graveyard”. Or just finding a combination of the 8 creatures as the 60 Cards deck, where you have a specific theme and not just 8 powerful dinos with the greatest abilities…

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On that we can both agree.

Unfortunately I don’t think this game is properly set up for a multitude of alternate strategies, nevermind varying win conditions. That’s why I tend to hover in the Badlands instead of as high as I can go; I experimented with all “___ and run” + Swap-in dinos to great effect down there at the appropriate levels, as well as numerous theme teams like all-Sauropods.

I’d definitely implore you to stay away from intentionally annoying your opponent into quitting, but if your creative juices lead you to find non-staple dinos to be valuable teammates, feel free to share and have the community expound on it. Set your own limits, for example, and see how well you do with a max rarity of Epic? Things like that.


The problem with the stalling strategy right now is there are so many chompers and bleeders in the meta you cant really stall them with tanks.

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perhaps, but the opponent would get to a point where they are smart enough to just swap out their dino, removing your debuffs. Also if they have immune or cleanse this won’t work.