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Please help me edit my team

I’ve been losing a lot of battles. What should I do?
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Working on Indoraptor gen 2 but I don’t think i will get it until Friday.

Try going for Megistocurus (Megistotherium + Doedicurus). I’m not sure how good it is yet, but it’s got a great attack stat and a Swap-In Defense Shattering Strike, so that might be viable.

Speaking of Swap-Ins, go for Dracoceratops if you haven’t already.

Also leveling up your Thylacotator might prove to be a good idea, as well as getting a strong resilient creature to replace Velociraptor.

Ok, I will

I will, but RIP my coins LOL

Which resilient? and as with Thyla I can’t fuse right now

Oof, yeah. Coins are an issue there.

In terms of resilients, I’d recommend grinding for either Entelochops or Brontolasmus.

Porkchop is a great Revenge Killer, having access to double rampages and Mutual Fury, as well as some pretty solid health, speed and armor (4200, 126 and 20% respectively).

The Rhino is good for similar reasons, although noticeably worse on the revenge killing front. That being said, it has great armor (30%), attack (1300) and moves as well, having access to the same double rampages I mentioned with Porkchop.

I’m pretty sure both are immune to Deceleration as well, which is very important.

Got it! I’ll go for Entelochops since it is immune to stun since I am seeing a lot of Woolly Rhinos

Sounds like a good plan. You appear to have some fuses left as well, so that’s even better.

Go for mammotherium. Hands down the best resilient creature in the legendary rarity. Easy to get through raids (4 turns) and needed for mammolania.

Also a good shot.

Got to level up my elasmotherium 5 levels :sweat_smile:
What is the 4 turns?

You can do the raid easily in 4 turns.

What strategy? Can you post it?


Can you add me cause I don’t have tryostronix?
NJraptor0625 #4421

This then.


I can supply the thylacotator
I don’t have the others. :sweat_smile:

Guys when i unlock Indo G2 what should I do with it

I’d say switch out Velosrhacos. Indoraptor G2 fulfills a similar role while being tanky enough to actually survive a hit or two.

Got it. Should I wait for a boost reset or just remove the boosts when I get Indo G2?

Hmm… I’m not quite sure when the Reshuffle happens next, but I would say just keep the boosts on Rhacos for now.


Funny how no one’s talking about Tsintamoth. :rofl: :joy: