Please help me form a team

The following is an image of 16 of my best creatures (the ones on team included)

since I joined the game just a few weeks ago I need some guidance, please tell me the 8 best creatures out of the 16 which I should keep on my team. (I’m getting a koolasuchus and a carbonemys by the end of this week too so you can add them as well.)

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From the Ankylo and the Rex you can work toward Trykosaurus, just get a Kentro to lvl 20. From Velo and Rex you can work on Indominus, then from there depending on what you need, you can make Erlidominus (fully immune cloaking speedster, needs lvl 20 Erliko) or Indoraptor (dodging shield breaker immune to stun and distract, needs lvl 20 Velo). Rhino doesn’t seem to give a good unique. I’d replace it with Tryostronix (made from Dimetrodon + Postosuchus + Baryonyx). Titanoboa G2 doesn’t have hybrids yet. I’d level up Sinoceratops to 15, then either go for Utasino -> Utarinex, or Alosino -> Thoradolosaur, depending on if you want a fast swapper or a chomper with instant charge. Smilodon can be used to make Smilonemys, but getting turtle and pachy will be difficult.

It’s really hard for me to level up epics, they rarely spawn around me. I will have to use my present creatures for a while until I can create a legendary so I’ve only gotten these 16 creatures to choose from.

Join an alliance if you haven’t yet. Make use of the sanctuaries, and raise the creatures to the required levels. Currently the creatures you have won’t get you very far.

I’m in an alliance but due to my low level I can’t access epic creature. Though I’m trying to get more common and rare DNA.

if you can make shucotator, a rare hybrid high hp bleeder, it will help for a long time. the kit is versatile with superiority strike, lethal wound, null impact and instant distraction. You can request it specifically in the alliance chat rather than just the components. Most long standing players will have an abundance of it.


I have a suchotator but it’s only level 6. I’ll try to level it up.

Replace a speedy creature for a chomper

Sino is really good at your level. Take out Stego

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Second to procerath, suchotator is the best bang-for-your-buck creature around. This is a must-have. Then ditch anky for sino as sino is just soooo much better. When you get carbo, that WILL need to take a spot on your team as it is the best non-hybrid in the game. I would swap it in for stego. If you get suchotator (level 10 minimum), that should go on. This is made easy with the fact that you can gather its components everywhere. Now if you can get thylacotator, then get that and probably drop something like titanaboa gen2 (or whatever you feel should go). These two are monsters and can be used later in the arena

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When you keep playing that game for long time ,you will treat epics as common or rare

Take advantage of the weekend event epics. Dart everything and only level commons and rares to the levels they make hybrids. There are some that are worth taking higher such as the Masupial Lion, Elasmotherium, and Erlikosaurus Gen 2. Keep going with Veliciraptor as you’ll need it for Indominus Rex and Indoraptor.

Have fun and play different teams with what ever your leveling. Don’t get too caught up on winning all the time, it just puts you up to play against harder teams. Then you lose anyway so make the best of playing. As your teams grow, you’ll move up naturally.

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