Please help me....I lost my account

I’ve lost my Facebook account -I think it was because of vpn-, so my JW: TG account is gone. How can I take it back?

Try contacting support ingame, do you remember your support key? If so, please tell them, don’t make the mistake I did, because I couldn’t remember my support key, I once lost a progress also unfortunately.

What happens? Do you get the login screen or is everything just kinda blank?

Turn your VPN off and give it a go.

I traveled to Jamaica a few month ago. Tried to use my VPN and everything started wildin’ out.

I get the login screen. I turned vpn off atm, waiting.

I was trying to get help from Ludia.

They’ve stopped writing to me now.

Hey there, Vision, it can sometimes take a bit of time for our support team to get back to you but if you’ve already contacted them then they’ll do all that they can to get you back into the game. Thanks for your patience!