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Please Help me! I'm frustraded

First, i want to say sorry If my english is not correct, because i don’t speak english but i try my best (Not so easy with autocorrect trying to put the english words Back in My own language)
And now my Problem:
Since a few weeks now, the Game started crashing when i wanted top Play It. But now it really got worse. I can’t even Play anymore. I start the Game (i’m Not in Facebook, so i don’t Play the Game “from there”)…Well as i Said, i start the Game, want to do Something Like feeding toothless or another Dragon, collect Fisch, Wood, Iron, or from the legendary dragons, or even scroll to another place on my Berk anderen Themen Game Crashes and Kicks me Back to the Main Screen of my Cellphone. I’m Not even a Minute in the Game anderen it Crashes. I wanted top participate in the actual gauntlet Event and every time i Open It, the Game Crashes. Sometimes i don’t even do anything and it Crashes. I load the Game, 5 Seconds later it Kicks me Out. I Had this Problem a few months ago, but it got better again. But now i am angry, annoyed, furios because it’s so annoying. This is the only reason i Made this Account Here so Somebody could please Help me. Has anyone Else that Problem.
Also a few weeks ago i finished the collection of the screaming death and it took me 2 more days so unlock it and why, because the Game crashed every time the Video of the screaming death started.
So i’m asking angain can Somebody please Help me?

Hey there Rana_Mana, sorry that you’re experiencing these crashes in your game. Our team will be looking into the issue. Please contact our support team so they can assist you and we can have more information to solve the problem. Email them at with your support key and screen shots if you have. Thanks for reaching out to us!