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Please help me make a balanced deck


Hi there,

I’m really rollercoastering lately. I worked really hard to finally get my i.rex, but I’ve learned it alone isnt enough. I’m around 3.1k trophies, here are my cards:

Any advice appreciated!!!


Swap Kento for the stego and you should be good you have damage and control should round it out nicely. The counter attack on kento will win you many battles if played right.


You need more anti tanks it’s tank meta ATM and raptor Nerf!
You got 2 raptors(v & spinotahrap) that could/need to be switched for something like gorgosuchus who is a way better mass dmg dealer that can punch through shields and armour(remember that it’s tank meta ATM) or Utah raptor who is now the boss of dmg when it comes to raptors(if u really need a quickish finisher). I know it’s hard not to use a leveled up vraptor but they just don’t work anymore at anything really other than giving opponent wins! :sob: I would also think about switching out ouranosaurus his hit and run is gimmicky and u will get killed trying to use it half the time with the huge increase of counter attackers in the game. I suggest take a creature with nullify to deal with cloaked Dino’s so you don’t have to get 4x dmg from it


In my opinion, keep:

Indominus Rex

You need another dino with immunity, I personally use Postdimetrodonte, but your Secodontosauro should still work fine.
Put kentrosauro instead of Stegosauro (same hp and more or less same damage, but you gain another attack ability that is Instant cripple, 90% reduced opponent’s damage and it is not a shield so it can’t be destroyed, just immune dinos can avoid it)

You can keep T-rex if you use it as second or third dino, when the opponent is hald dead, you need to use Defense Shattering Impact to finish him and then use your Defense Shattering Rampage on the brand new dino that will be 90% oneshotted.

I don’t know if your Ouaranosauro, Velociraptor and Spinoutahraptor are usable now, I suggest you to take some time to see the skills of your opponents and then settle your team in order to counter attack them. Such an example, if your opponents have 85% a level 16 or higher velociraptor in their teams, maybe it is time to let your l15Velo rest for a while and put a Sucotator instead, so you can easilly kill them.


Thank you for all the feedback! I do currently struggle with higher level Raptors than my own, as well as higher level stegoceratops and einiossuchus (he ever you spell it - the 1-2 punch guy - as my level 12 nodo cant tank it).


Make sure to even out the weight of the dinosaur when you load them on your boat deck. You don’t want all the heavy Dino’s to be on one side and the lighter one on the other. It might tip your boat.


Thanks all, heres what I have ended up with: