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Please help me with this problem I cannot re-download a game that belongs to you

I cannot download back Jurassic World the game everytime I try to download it again it does not work I can re-downloaded

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Welcome to the forum!

I am confused by what you mean by, “I can re-downloaded.” Perhaps you meant I can’t re-download it?

Some steps I can think of are, is your phone software up-to-date? Does the phone tell you why you can’t download the app again? Maybe try to power off your phone completely then turn it back on.
I can’t think of many possible solutions with the limited information. Perhaps you could provide more details such as the phone, available space, software version, etc. I am also wondering why you uninstalled the game and are trying to reinstall it?
To sum up, try to see if you have available space and your phone is up-to-date. And if all else fails contact Ludia support, but I don’t believe they will be able to help you much in this situation as it could be an issue on your end.

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Hi there Mason_Vakili! If still needed, you can reach our team by emailing them at They will do their best to assist you!