Please help no weekly event stops around

Hello ludia, last week ive been surrounded by at least 3 weekly event stops, and now this new week it seems that im not going to hace any weekly event stop on my dron range… can i have the same stops always? Even if it to get majungasaurus dna xd Thank you anyway Do i have to give you ludia my possitioning? I you are going to help me whit it?

If you want to get help from ludia you should use the ingame support, or tag a mod so they can contact the devs, Ludia devs never comes to the forums so you’ll have a better chance with one of the options above, @Ned can you help this guy

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Ok, ty so much

Hey LIED, sadly, as supply drops can move around based on real-world data information, there isn’t much our team can do to place event drops directly in your area.

Great… so ill loose the chance of getting pteranodon etc…

The stops will move when other tiers come out, rare, epic. I have no green stops right now for the commons, but for rares and epics I might get 1, 2, or more. Don’t worry just yet, you still might get green stops for the other dinos this week…