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Please Help Solve Boost System Implementation (Poll)

Well I couldn’t resist at first but I felt it was necessary for me to be helpful on this issue in case support was needed to see where the community would stand on how to revert the chaos that is apparently ruining certain aspects of the game.

Boosts system can be fixed and I’m going to start this post to see how many folks that use the forum would agree with one possible solution. Basically the end result for the time being is removal of the boost system in its entirety. I’m not interested in suggesting what to do after because I’m sure that is in the works at the HQ. However, if you want my opinion or anyone here just reach out to them.

Resolution of the boost system would be done in the following steps/order:

  1. A simple halt of all boost activity would be the first step
  2. Calculate number of dinos with boosts applied with their respective tiers and category
  3. Add all tiers/category together and reward cash for the approximate value of each boost point (i.e. 20 cash for 1 boost point)
  4. Any remainder boosts will be from the collection of daily battle incubator so those could be converted to cash as well to really start clean with no boosts on any player’s account giving HQ the opportunity to start over with the boost system implementation and its mechanics

Here is a table with simple math showing how much reverting dinos with particular tiers with the cash amounts respectively:

As an example, say John Smith had 1 tier 8 boosted dino for health and damage, two tier 9 boosted dinos for speed only, and has collected/has a remainder of 4 boosts available to use, this individual would receive the follow cash back to their balance: 510x2 (for tier8 to be reached 510 boosts was used, for two categories) + 1022x2 (2 dinos with tier9 cumulative boost amount for one category) + 4 (surplus/remaining boost) = for a total of 3068 boosts, or 61,360 cash to be put back in the bank of the game

With that said, I hope the community here can be helpful to the mods/developers and anyone else that reads this by voting below whether you support or agree with said solution to remove the boost system and get reimbursed with game cash while we await for the changes

  • Yes, above solution is reasonable
  • No
  • Maybe

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@J.C, @lacey, @Ren, @Jorge @Ludia_Developers Sorry for the tags but maybe this post can serve as a minute survey of how the general community would like to go about this boost system resolution.




I’m for this idea, I have a few boosted dinos of my own but I never bought any stat boosts either so I would be alright if they took them all back and got some kind of compensation

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I’m 100% behind this. If I could like it multiple times I would.


@DinoL3o u are always so great at this stuff, I’m with u :100:


If Ludia does care about this game then this would be a good step towards making amends. Everything that happened this weekend should have been voided. Period. So to risk upsetting a few key players, they chose to royally torque off a huge player base. Common sense is lacking some where.


Great idea! They need to hit the reset button and think harder about how to implement the system.


There obviously needs to be a rollback. I am not sure of the many ways I could see this being done fairly but yours is fine with me.


Absolutely :100: agree with you DL. Boost needs to be undone as it’s ruining the game and messing with the fundamental structure of the dinos we have so far.

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nope , they can’t do that , there are players that bought HD with money , specially for that “product” if they refund , they need to refund real money , and that won’t happen. In other words , they are screwed … or we are …

Don’t put your efforts on this.

With last update Ludia has shown us it’s last card:
Getting all possible money before game collapses.

We players must stop playing cause Ludia from now on will only autodestruct its game

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This 7% must have tier 8 or higher dinos, lol
Like why wouldn’t u want this to happen


Those 7% may be unsatisfied customers … that ware selling those stats …

Doubt that, the game is a disgrace now, their ruining it. I’ve been playing since last June and this is the worst move yet
I’m sure their completely satisfied


I’m 100% for this… Before 1.7, I’m mad about draco!!
Now I confronted by the dinos with lvl 20 but speed 145, >3000 damage, >5000 health.

That 7% wouldnt be very satisfied if they were the only 7% left… implementing pay two win at the level boosts are in the middle of a games lifespan doesnt typically end well for anyone.

Its one thing if the game was this way at launch… totally different to pop it in on essentially the last year one patch.


I shared your poll on some pages, keep the link sharing so it can reach many gamers.

This is the best to do in my oppinion.

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Then if/when boosts are reinstated make them daily and strike tower only with the odd limited offer in the store; reduce the increment on the speed boosts to 1 or 2 points so the effect is more in proportion and the slowest creatures can’t be boosted to outspeed every non-boosted creature. Possibly reduce the health and damage increment as well but this is not as important - speed is the game changer.


I think it’s a good calculation and a good idea. The only objection can come from people who have spent real money to buy “game tickets” and from there buy Boost and now may not be satisfied with having “game tickets” and wants their real money returned.

What is clear is that something must be done so that this is not the end of the game.

The game balance completely breaks with chompers like Thor went to crazy speeds. They are not supposed to work like this. I am truly disappointed and frustrated seeing this.