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Please Help Solve Boost System Implementation (Poll)


I’m ready to leave.

This game is far beyond screwed up, it’s a comedic parody of a game.

The incompetence of Ludia management is mind boggling.

Yet, people continue to dump barrels of cash in the coffers.

I think their business model is based on the fact that the more screwed up their games become, the more cash players spend.

This means Ludia is brilliant, and their player base has issues.

I just pre-registered with Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Niantic > Ludia


Just like Thanos’s snap, But it’s the only way to let me play again.


I hate the boost system it has ruined the game. My son, sister and nephew have all quit playing, I’m trying to hang in there but it is so frustrating because people have damage boost and speed boosted the very strongest dinos, making them faster than any fast dinos regular speed in turn making it impossible to win even 1 match.


Just wanted to close up this thread and say good work everyone. Thank you for your help with the votes! Turnout was great!

Let’s continue to improve the game by coming up with solutions so the mods can forward them to the right folks through proper channels. Lesson is more gets done if you go to your boss with solutions rather than complaints.

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