Please help with my team


Hey guys,

I’m having trouble deciding who to put in my team. I’m looking for all the hybrids so I am levelling my dino’s up to the point where I can use the DNA for the hybrids (besides the Alpha / Apex dino’s who I level up).

This is my team:

Can you guys give me suggestions so I can finally progress further in the battle arena? Allmost all my opponents have highter level dino’s so I do a lot of battling to get the incubators based on tactic cause my opponent outlevels me everytime.



This is a good thing. Means that you are outplaying them. Theres always someone with better team unless you are number 1 so dont sweat it too much.

Work on unlocking your legendaries. Irex. Stegod. And anything you are close to unlocking and you will naturally climb the arena. If you want to save coin dont level anymore of the epic beyond whats required for fusing. You wont use it much unless its overlevelled when you get your legendaries.


Thanks @dinogame, I indeed dont level up the epics if they don’t have a fusion available. But is there someone on my team whom i can best replace or stick with this one right now? I am indeed fusing stego and irex but as you can see I dont have my Rex at the desired level.


Anyone with advice about my current line-up?


Hi, I think you should replace the Pyroraptor with your Velociraptor, whom you can level up without regret, as you will need a level 20 Velociraptor to fuse the Indoraptor. Also, I would replace the T-Rex with Allosaurus, as he has better HP and can often hit a second time, which is a very rare occurrence for T-Rex. You can level up Allosaurus without regret to level 15, as you will need to get him to level 15 to fuse Allosinosaurus. I have leveled my Allosaurus to level 22, cause his DNA is easy to obtain, and am still using him with considerable success at 38xx-39xx trophies.


Personally I don’t think I’d level my velociraptor until I’ve unlocked irex, better to get a legendary first as it will help you climb the ranks and you’ll need to level that too before iraptor can even be a twinkle in your eye! Once he’s unlocked, then level the v raptor while you take time obtaining trex DNA. Great advice regarding allosaurus instead of t rex though. I am going to make that change to my own team.


Thing is, it takes forever to obtain T-Rex DNA to fuse I-Rex… Whereas, Velociraptors are readily available at night. I managed to fuse I-Rex (now 180/200 from level 19), whilst getting my Velociraptor to level 20 (at which point I stopped leveling). Never was I short of Velociraptor DNA during this process!


so you reckon I should boost this fella now instead of waiting? Even if I’m not someone who often (or ever) gets out at night to catch raptors?


Not where I’m from. Raptors are definitely plentiful here too but once you get them up to these levels it’s painful to get enough DNA. I come across multiple T Rex a day though.


you will never have enough v raptors. before starting on indo, i thought i had enough v raptor. what a joke that was… grinding v raptors is one of the worst grind i did for this game. it’s repetitive and boring and also sometimes hard to find raptors even at night.


Here it is the other way arround… Cant find any T-Rex despite driving for hours / restaurants etc… V-raptor plenty! :slight_smile:


Maybe you have stopped, however I can see plenty of Dino’s leveled past any useful place. It can be difficult but be super stingy with what you level. I have every single Dino ready to be leveled up except (Brontosaurus and some of the Dino’s I use or fuse with). You want Legendaries on your team so focus on gathering what you need to make that happen. That’s what will improve your team. I’m not leveling my velociraptor past 16 until I have 40,000 DNA ready to go (it will very likely need more) and 105,000 coins (Dam this Indoraptor better be worth it). High Sorna Marshes the raptor is rarely seen as superiority strike is a death sentence to them.