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Please i need a solution

Hello, I wanted to comment on an error that I have, but first I’m going to tell you my method so that you understand what I mean, I like to play jurassic world the game and jurassic world alive, I just don’t have enough space for both, then I eat I saved the progress through Facebook of both games, I take my turn to uninstall one and download the other, so I can play, but I have a problem, and it is that when uninstalling JWA jurassic world the game I get the error of no "memory Enough "Since I played it totally well before, how do I solve it?

The game updates every couple of days with optimizations and the new creatures in tournaments, so you need the update, but don’t have the space to download it

The solution you are looking for is a new device that can play both games without having to continually install and uninstall the games.


ready, fixed, I would like to have a new phone but I don’t have enough money for that, and something I found suspicious is that I deleted photos, screenshots and some conversations that were useless and the same amount appeared, if it was space problem I would lose at least something