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Please include coins as rewards for Raids

Can you please include coins as Raid rewards along with creature dna. It happens many times that we complete Raid boss and we fight it again to help Alliance/friends. Players should be rewarded with alleast coins in next successful Raid battle. 2nd win - 2500, 3rd win - 2000 coins and so on.
What do you think? Is this worth asking?


I agree the coins are necessary to create hybrids and level up creatures, they are scarce and not necessarily everything has to be sold in the store, we must receive more free coins as a reward.


I like this. I agree maybe not for the first incubator, since receiving unique/legendary dna is saving us a bunch of coins in fusing and likely evolving base cratures. But raids are time consuming - especially if they don’t go as planned - and coins would be a good incentive to help others/get others to help.