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Please Include Players with Pikel in Offers

If you are going to bombard players who already have Pikel with pop-ups for Early Access to acquire him…actually…how about not bombarding players with pop-ups at all? But assuming you are going to keep doing that doesn’t it makes sense that if you are offering an option for players without him that you would also offer an option (bundles/packs) for players that already have him?


We don’t even have an option to get a pack for him…

Toss us a bone at least if you are going to spam banners at our face.

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Better yet, I suggest the developer should join us in the current millennium and abandon use of pop-ups or any other antiquated propaganda machinery.

Be smart about this @Ludia_Developers and heed what your users are saying. Inaction on these problems continues to repel players. You have been deaf to such concerns far too long.


I have difficulty believing I am conversing about pop-ups in 2020 :roll_eyes:

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If they want us to know what’s happening, put a welcome pop-up at our first visit to the game at that day, or add a tab for news/offers/whatever, like most respectable mobile games do. To put it at mail section like you are already doing is enough, just give us a reason to go there daily.

P.S.: Off topic, but still relevant: Prioritize PvP events at event’s tab, pretty please. I’m asking nicely, maybe you take that into consideration… Making us have to go back to PvP event tab after every single fight or every prize claim makes me feel like a trained hamster playing some kind of happy farm game.

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