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Please increase premium token chance in alpha chests

The chance of receiving a premium token in an alpha chest is too low. I have had one ever and we are just about at six months of alphas. Maybe I have extremely bad luck, but 1 every six months isn’t frequent enough.


I also have only ever gotten one premium card and I have been fighting Alphas since release.


I haven’t gotten any, and I too have been fighting alphas since their release


How many stars are your alpha?

I’ve been fighting alphas since day 1 and have only ever gotten 2 premium cards from alpha chests, and we’re opening level 10s right now. I agree, there should be a much higher chance of getting them, especially in the higher level chests.


Yes please this needs to be done it’s ridiculous how rare they are!

We’re doing 8* and 9* alphas.