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Please Increase Raid Boss Wandering Circle

I love it that you made a creature to wander… just a little. (wouldn’t mind all creatures wandering in a circular area randomly.)

Anyway. Could you please make the wandering zone like 200 meters so that these bosses might wander into range? (could have all creatures wandering and liven up the map a bit).

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It would be cool if bosses ran in a straight line across the world, that way you would have a boss pass you every minute or so, lol

That would work too but may want them going all one direction so you can keep the map pointed in the direction they would be coming from.

they’re always a block away for me too, but then who’d get VIP though?

I hear you. Mammo was just 20 m away from the edge of my circle. The 1 time I managed to go out to get it, no one was available to play.sigh… I live in Malaysia, so my night is US mornng, Europe afternoon. When everyone can play, I’m asleep already. bah!

And when the Raid is in my circle, it’s the Apex raid. yeah…