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Please increase spawn rate for Raid bosses

Can you please increase spawn rate for Raid bosses. I can only see Indoraptor in my range. Other bosses are nowhere in my range. This make Raids very difficult to play. Atleast there should be some tab where we can directly select Raid bosses and start the Raid.


Raid boss spawns are poor at best imo, non in range yesterday same today, 1 on Monday, it’s like there pushing us out the door to do these raids, players can’t or unable to do so , so have to rely on alliance members to transfer a raid, thankfully I’m grateful my alliance is very active so isn’t a problem, but I can see others would not be so lucky.

There are no bosses in my range. It is so bad that we get a specific Apex raid only one times a week and spawn rate is so bad. I never see any Apex in my range. Please fix it or give us option where we can directly select boss and start Raid.

Again today no Apex Raid in my range (infact none in my range). Please fix it.

If they increase them they need to change how they appear. Often times the bosses block my ability to dart a dino that is near a boss. Drives me batty when its a dino I really need.


had 2 days 0 bosses in radar, some bosses very very far away, every single day gotta ask lot of ppl: got xx in radar? Getting tired of this

There is no point to VIP when raid bosses are so badly scattered - the increased radius is barely useful.

The raid creatures are so large and bad but on the map they are so scattered specially the Apex ones,that they are almost invisible are very hard to find.after the current update the things are worse than before,special in the present situation of the corona when people are avoiding themselves to go out and hunt.and above all the the short range and long range are killing our game.

It’s a design intent from Ludia… You need 50 players to do a raid. 4 of them doing it and asking the other 46 if they have the boss until finally one has! It’s funny because when raid were started, everybody was saying: “whoever has the biggest dinos will be the most popular in the alliance”. Sadly, we quickly found out that it’s: “whoever has the boss is the most popular in the alliance”. They really, really have to do something about that.

Week after week…still no bosses in my range. Please fix this.

Me either, my closesest boss today is 750m away from my house and its just gamma. I cant see a mortem Rex in my map

dear ludia, the 3 days in my area for 500 meters not even a raid, not even a boss to play with. we are in a pandemic with red zone, w to help the players with this covid, in 500 for 3 days not even a raid ?? shabby

Couldn’t even see a mammoth anywhere on my map today. Had one mammotherium visible on the very edge of my map. I had to ask in three Discord servers before I could find a therium lobby.

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Pls increase Raid bosses spawn rate. It is still very bad. Please have option of selecting boss rather than putting it in map. Week after week I don’t see Raid bosses in my range.

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Yes totally agree because lots of places are either bland or there is a raid taunting you