Please join my alliance. Lets help each other out free to all levels

Hi i would like to invite you all to join my alliance to share dna. help each other out plus get free coins. Open to all levels

Hahaha. I might be interested but not until I milk my alliance a bit more. Joined this guild randomly and 1st msg I got was in Spanish. However because I am numero uno with almost double the trophies of the 2nd member I thought I’d stay awhile. Next thing I know there were quite a few requests for dna. 10 members (including moi) and I made over 500 coins already. Newbies are great in an alliance.

Lol we have 7 members so far but more are joining i like helping people out woth dna and the free coins are good if you have enough people asking for dna you can make 1000’s plus swap dna with different zones

I think skipping alliances every few days is the way to go. “Want 100,000 nundasuchus dna? Yeah…I got them. You got coins?”

See i think getting a solid group of 50 who are active online and will share dna to help others out as i hate it when you are 1 or 3 short on a fuse for weeks till you find that dino again now just ask people who know you have shared with them before so they are happy to help even if it is rarer dna

I didn’t think I would be much into guilds till they went live. I must say, It has re-sparked my interest in JWA.

I find myself going out more to get more DNA for my guild members. I even re-subbed to VIP this morning, just for them.

I am beyond active these days now, trying to help guildies and always looking for new members to grow.

Yeah, my JWA experience really needed this :grin:

Yeah i really enjoy helping people to. As not every one can get over 300 on an common dino every time or they just live in the wrong zone.

Hopefully we will be able to trade epic dna soon as i have loads i could spare

13 members so far who else is joning