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Please just do this to Andrewsarcus

It’s not a huge nerf it’s just too strong at the moment considering there is nothing anyone can do against it with no escape image I don’t want it to be nerfed into oblivion like every cunning creature


i’d be fine with that. it’ll still do decent damage, just crit a bit less often.


Losing some crit chance is a fair nerf. I don’t think Andrewsarchus is particularly overpowered in the first place, so it doesn’t really need to be nerfed, but it definitely doesn’t need 40% crit in order to be successful. I wouldn’t touch it in any other way though (that means I wouldn’t change the abilities or other ststs). It doesn’t even really need the crit nerf, it’s just the only way I would ever consider nerfing it.

It’s fine as is, literally any cunning obliterates it


All swap ins just straight up kill them straight after though

And that’s a problem? Most cunnings leave the matchup with 1600+ HP, that should be clear for them to survive just fine

Been using a full commons team in the torny and Andrews really haven’t been an issue, they’re great for securing kills but any straight up fight against a cunning they lose hard.

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No. Just run cunnings. It’s easy to counter if you try.

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And decrease its speed or health

Don’t nerf it just learn how to counter dinos without relying on your swap in every single time

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he already has little life …

Is No Escape gone?

I’d keep it’s no escape and increase its health to 3600 or even 3900, but shed its crit to 20 or 30, speed lowered to around 120 and it’s good to go

What about the fact that it still cleanses Distraction? I suppose if you lower the crit chance it’s not as much of an issue, but I still think it should have something like Fierce Strike instead.

Cunnings aren’t a very reliable counter to be very honest. In such tourneys your opponent would just swap out to a Dracorex or something


I’d honestly keep the no escape but make it not work , THE FIRST TURN AFTER SWAPING IN, so it cant just trap u ready to deliver a 2.1k dmg hit

Would still work the first turn after coming in but not swaping in

If theres one animal that this torny has taught me actually needs a nerf its Elasmotherium, that animal does waaaaaay too much damage for the amount of defence it has.

Spino is a 100% counter. lion and Andrew shut it down as well