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Please, Just give us notice and avoid the backlash


“Generally” the nerfs / buffs improve the game but at least just tell us what your considering to do so people don’t waste time, money, resources etc on dinos they can’t (successfully) use any more.
Just waking up to yet another Nerf is infuriating or devastating idk. I guess it makes y’all money but a little consideration would be appreciated. :frowning:

If Ludia spent ten minutes communicating with us they could save hours censoring the comments of angry players. And as a bonus have less angry players.


Both dracorex and SS changed again without notice


Yep, I don’t consider a bunch of players speculating about what might happen, notification either.


Learn from history or be doomed to repeat it is as much a thing here as anywhere.

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Pretty hard to learn when the rules keep changing.


They’ve nerfed every dino that was stupid op. Dumping coins into something that isn’t balanced is nothing more than dumping coins… At the end of the nerf, you hope you have something still worth it, like stegod… But if it’s a common, a rare, or even an epic, it’s going to be nerfed hard.


This is the silliest statement I’ve ever read on this board. Many of the dinos in question weren’t “stupid OP” and the game just found the best balance it ever had. If nothing is allowed to be much better than anything else why bother spending it trying to build a good team at all? The SS change alone (if no other changes) would make at least one “stupid OP” dino even stronger.

Pyrri would be totally useless.


Some Dino’s are balanced, have counters, and you can build a strategy to defeat. One of the biggest difficulty in creating balance is that a battle 1 on 1 is 2-3 turns. If health was increased across the board so that Dino’s would take 4-5 shots to kill, it would add infinitely more to the strategy of the game. I don’t agree with mono nerf, it was too much. For stegod, it made it a more balanced game. For dracorex, it still has its place but in the same way megalo has its place. To eek out a win… 4-5 rounds per dino would make a lot of the nerfing unnecessary. In a 2-3 round match, Draco is op, tryo is up, and a few others don’t get a chance to do what they should.


Currently it’s hard to say because with each update, all stats will be changed as well.


DracoG2 is broken and will get nerfed. I’m okay with it. It will be great. Nerfing monomimus the way they did took a hard to get dino and made it no better than having an inguanadon on the team. I think that a tier of dino should be better than the lower tier, by 2-3 levels. A l5 rare should match up well with a l7-8 common, and l11 epic should match up with an l13-14 rare, a l16 legendary should line up with an l17-18 epic, and a l21 unique should line up with a l23-24 legendary. A little bit of play should be there, and some epics will be a counter for uniques, etc, but the goal should be making a solid, equal level team of unique Dino’s, and then give enough time for strategy to help win a match. Higher dino health would counter the effects of rng - one bad rng wouldn’t mean a loss. Rng el still play a part, and even decide some battles, but strategy would decide more than it currently does. I don’t agree with nerfing, mostly, but unless they switch the battles up so strategy gets more of a pace in the battles, nerfs will happen. A better (4-5 turns to kill a dino) battle system would be better.


This would be a decent strategy… maybe ludia should consider it… because they just made every other raptor in the game better then pirritator…


The week after the irritator event too. What a coincidence


This game is reminding more and more of when I used to play Rust. It was a perpetual Aplha release with constant changes that completely changed game play.

It was a ton of fun at first, then quickly devolved into junk.


I agree with that very much, but it’s too logical for Ludia to ever implement it.


Ludia, communicate?

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This is a very good statement. I have to think about the overall impact of across the board health increases before I buy into that but anyway, great post.


please JHVS get someone on Metahub to discuss these strange changes with Ludia the playerbase is getting really frustrated. Thanks bruh.

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I agree with you on the high health thing, but that would make battles last like 15 minutes and more vulnerable to disconnects, etc. Not completely clear how to solve that one (a 1 min timer once per battle to give a chance to reconnect wouldn’t hurt).