Please lengthen common scent time


Currently it is 5 minutes, allowing 3 common Dinos to be lured. Could you please increase to 10 or 20? I only use it at work where I get no spawns, and it would be nice to play more during down times.


It does seem short, especially when the other ones are 20 minutes. And it’s only drawing common dinosaurs… I don’t see why it would be so short… 10 mins or 15 would be an improvement.

Also, my backpack icon shows 2/2 for Common Scent item, but the store sells them in 5’s. If I buy a 5 pack… will it show 5/2 or 7/2… or will I still only get 2/2 even though I’m buying 5?

Not willing to experiment.


It shows 5/2


Yeah, I was disappointed to only get 3 dinos with my common. I can get 3 just checking back a few minutes later…


The other problem with the short duration on common scent is that once you have hunted the dinosaur that appears, you’ve wasted time out of the five minutes.


Well that makes no sense…

How long are you taking to dart the thing!!



Thank you for the feedback! We’ll make sure to share this with our Developers.


Wasted time? You realise the dinos appear like every 2 minutes regardless of whether you dart them or not.


I don’t mean wasted like that. You have five minutes of a common scent device. Something appears so i go hunting. The hunt takes up say a minute (I’ve never really paid that much attention). So, you may get two dinosaurs out of it. Since it’s only common dinosaurs anyway, why not make it a longer duration than five minutes?


No matter what happens you get 3… if you can’t dart something in 2 minutes, what you doing


What are you talking about hunting? You open the scent capsule and they spawn at your feet, you don’t need to move.


Darting them then. Whatever you want to call it.


A dino spawns at your feet, you tap it, you dart it, that whole process does not take a minute. And even if it does you only get 3 dinos currently from it and that happens at set times throughout the 5 minutes. You shouldn’t be having any issues with wasting time unless you are not paying attention during the 5 minutes.


The point is can the common devices not be longer than five minutes duration. Especially as they only draw in common dinosaurs.


They have a chance to be a ‘double-spawn’ if you’re going a certain speed. Stand there and get 3 or go for a walk and maybe get 6. I agree that 5 minutes is way to short but I also think that the Epic one is to short as well. Why is it that the rare is 200 cash and the epic is 1000 cash? That’s a pretty hefty up charge for only 1 guaranteed epic and a ‘chance’ at more than one. Not worth it at all…


Yes that’s the original point the OP was making. It’s just your point made no sense whatsoever.


It does make sense but I’m not going to argue over it.

Back to the discussion.


Seen that we can get up to 2 scents free per day, this is already a 10 minutes free spawnings, seen that the app asks you if you want to open another one, as soon as the first one is over.

Then, moving is giving you more spawning and, if you are also lucky, some epic could knock at your door.

For these days I am only using them at night to see if I can catch more v-raptors dna.


You can get rare dinos too from common scent. Today I got Gorgosaurus on common scent.

5 minutes is still too short, 10 would be ok (6 spawns not moving, 12 walking).