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Please let me battle a bot

After a certain number of losses in a row, can we please be given the option to battle a bot for an incubator? After a recent 300+ trophy drop and about 10 losses in a row I would have really loved this option.

The only reason I battle is for incs and the only reason I keep those stocked and running is because of the rare possibility I’ll get irritator DNA. So an option to face an AI would really help when you’re on a losing streak.



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Several months ago suggestion :

  • Matchmaking As for now the matchmaking is ± 450 range trophy.Lots of players including myself have had lots of streak losses of 6-7 or 8 matches in a row.We could prevent that if after 3 consecutive losses the next match (4th one) will pick an opponent from the trophy range of -450 instead of the game researching the trophy range above us.So this will give us the opportunity to face a lower player and stop the streak of losses, and stop the frustration of trying to fill an incubator slot.Or after a 3rd loss automatically match us with a bot
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I just played a team with two erlidoms, won and got 0 trophies. Things are a mess!

I’m okay with that though. Especially if it gets me an incubator.


On my 2nd account in level 3 arena, I get to fight a bot after 2 losses to real people in a row. It’s nice for incubators. I have 31 level 10 dino’s I switch around often and fight a strict level 10 team. I have 8 level 20’s and a 21 Indo and Thor I use for strike towers. I have no plans to move up in arenas as I don’t want to be fighting the same dino’s I fight on my primary account. BUT I have the same complaint as those in the level 18 to 22 range about fighting the same over leveled dino’s in arena 3 thanks to the alliance missions giving the same rewards week after week. Everyone in my range has a team full of alliance rewards, 3 to 6 levels higher than my all level 10 team. It doesn’t matter, I always win the 3rd battle against a bot. I do win against some with a more evenly leveled team even when they have epics. I only use commons and rares as epics start at level 11.

It’s madnesses nowadays. Encountering erlidominus and indoraptor at least once per 3 battles… in Lockdown arena. Most opponents have far higher levelled teams than mine. Now I do understand that the higher arena you get the harder the battles and opponents will be. But I’ve been in this arena a while and instead of improving my team (by gaining incubators) I’m loosing battlepoints because my opponents only get stronger and the difference in team levels is absolutely ridiculous.