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Please let sanctuary dinos be used for PVP

Sanctuaries are an important resource in the game, and many alliances have co-opped to make the best use of them. I love sancs, I enjoy planning them, I think the teamwork aspect is great, it’s fun creating lvl 20s and helping hundreds of players gain as much DNA as they can.

But Ludia, will you please let us use sanc creatures for PVP? I get it, they’re in a sanc and thus are “busy” or “away from your team” or whatever. And that was fine initially. However, tourneys are now arguably one of the most important aspects in the game. A high-achieving alliance requires all members to participate, and in some cases push beyond the minimum points. When creatures that are needed in a sanctuary also happen to be OP/top picks for a given tourney (especially a skill tourney), it feels like those players who end up committing to placing these creatures in the sancs for the benefit of everyone else just end up being punished by not having access to their best tourney creatures.

And while we’re at it, can we please have the ability to name the sancs so we can recognize which is which more easily? Thanks!


Yessssss pleeeaasse let us name our sancs!!!


Amen to this. It needs yo happen


As we often start building sancs the week of advantage tourneys (the cycle just happens to fall that way), it’s tough to ask people to place their boosted high level epics and rares that they want to use that weekend.

I would love the ability to actually play with the creatures in a sanc so everyone wins. And the sanc naming would be amazing as well!


I agree totally with this post. 1 player or several players shouldn’t suffer for tournaments or even arena because they chose to slot their monster in a main sanc for the good of the alliance or cooperative group of alliances.

This made sense maybe at the start but now it should be allowed since players use their benched creatures for raids or weekend tournaments.


I support this. couldn’t tell you how many times i put a creature in the sanc and didn’t think about an upcoming tournament. it sucks.


Absolutely agree. Yet another example proving Ludia doesn’t play their own game. These simple quality of life changes would be a no brainer if they played themselves.


As cool as it sounds i think it would be just wrong. I think it makes sense that a dino is in a sanc OR can be used.
It is a rule and a part of the game.

I think it is the wrong way to say
„Oh that rule is stupid, please Remove it to make the game more convenient for us“
Find a way to deal with it, thats part of the Game.

Agreed would be nice

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Gameplay is more important than silly continuity. The fact you don’t understand this makes me think you work for Ludia.


There is only one peoblem,it doesn’t make any sense for a animal to be in 2 places at the same time even in a video game

It’s not about convenience, It’s about enjoyment. We can’t use a creature, level it up etc if it’s in a sanctuary which puts us in a hold for a few days. Thus slowing down progression and the game for us. There’s no way to “deal with it.” It’s a sanctuary not a prison we should be able to use them in tournaments too. I’m not bothered with leveling them up.

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Then you have the option to release your creature early. But still the game has many unrealistic aspects to it, highly doubt this would impact it at all. :joy:

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Does your alliance have high level coop sanc’s? Do you place for your alliance in high level Coop sanc’s? Are you part of one of those extremely important sanc teams usually consisting of only a handful of dedicated players from each coop alliance that dedicated extra time to setting alarms to make sure their dinos are replaced on time? If not then maybe you should think about those players that are and how much they already dedicate themselves to those sanctuaries. Not being able to even be the best you know can be in a tourney is heart breaking, I have some amazing high level dinos that I can rarely use in tournaments because I am a co lead and sanc builder for The Valley Coop which means I dedicate those high level dinos to the 1st 48hrs of each build and often throughout the cycles as placements. Our builds just so happen to be at weekends as we know that’s when more players are online and using their FiPs to level the sanc’s. Myself and many other placers in our coop lose out on many tourney rewards to allow nearly 900 players to have access to lvl 20 sanctuaries


Agreed with OP but while at it, I would also add the fact that when your dino is in a tournament team, we should also be able to place it in a sanctuary if we want, without having to go to the tournament, edit, take the dino out, get out of tournament, go back to sanctuary, and placing it!

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I cannot :heart: this enough. This, exactly this, all of it :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I like to think that they aren’t there and it’s just a hologram and when we open it, they come or it could be there are multiple which makes since cuz there are a lot in the wild

Atleast allow us use sanc dinos for PvP . It’s really not fair to keep sanc dinos locked .

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What if we were able to sanc creatures out whenever we wanted? Considering we get 5 DNA every 48 hour(for epics) we can do 48 divided by 5. So about every 10 hours we get 1 DNA. If we take it out at the 10 hour mark we get 1 DNA and no more, 20 hour is 2 DNA and so on. You basically get slightly more DNA if you leave in for full 48 hours. This is just to prevent people taking them in and out every second to get unlimited DNA lol and also helpful to put it on your pvp team. I don’t see why we can’t take them out of sanctuaries,but probably just that extra bit of coding would be annoying. :man_shrugging:


At the bare minimum allow us to use sanc dinos for pvp tbh it’s quite the hassle trying to improvise for your teams in tournaments. Which I do think we all can agree on lol

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