Please let us expand on Sorna

Greetings everyone
Most of us may noticed that there is still lot of terrain in Isla Sorna yet to be let’s say…explored
For example

That would expand the perimeter just a little more, but there is also lots of virgin terrain near by the plane crash site and the bird cage

That would bring possibilities to our park in Site B considering that lots of new creatures are coming

Thanks for reading


Agree, and make new missions from Level 80!


I agree since we haven’t gotten any expansions in about 2 years, and I also have been desperately craving expansions on sorna.

However the problem is that the Sorna tile unlocks are tied together to both the park level and battle stages. The park level defines how many tile unlocks a player can have.

Then the Battle Stages are also linked, and I think Ludia doesn’t have any idea for what balanced rewards will be in future battle stages, and thus don’t think they will increase the park level past 99 for a while, meaning no Sorna unlocks, sadly, as it’s been around 2 years since the last Sorna unlocks.


I wonder what tournament creatures will be battle stage unlocks next (unless we’re getting new non tournament dinosaurs).
I hope albertosaurus will be one

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I speculate that it will be dinos that have no hybrid yet, like Sphenacodon. However I don’t remember what dinos already have battle stage unlocks so :woman_shrugging:

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Instead of tying expansions with levels, they could make it so you can unlock as many tiles as you want once you reach level 99.

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For what it’s worth, Story Missions are independent of Park Level


Yes, that’s right. I’m after more of the challenge of doing missions for the fun of it.