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Please let us know

When the outstanding bugs will be fixed?
Please communicate.
Eg the team is aware of this and hope to fix it by next week.

The communication from this team is really poor, considering the amount of money being spent.
I have found customer support emails to me to be rude on a couple of occasions.
At this point there is no way I would recommend this game to friends.
I’m not quite at quitting point yet - though it’s close.


When are you going to fix saarvin?

Ah, hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, that’s funny.

Come on now, you know better than to post something like this. 1) they don’t work weekends. 2) you need to tag one of the mods for them to even acknowledge or read it.

Careful guys, this kind of talk can get you banned

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While not tagged I promise you all. I still read all the threads on the Warriors of Waterdeep forums. My lack of response is usually because I don’t have more information than the team is aware of X. Currently, we do not have a timeline for when certain things will be fixed. Somethings can be corrected by a server update ex. a fix for the Black Dragon crash was silently uploaded to the server two days ago and the team is monitoring to see if players are still crashing or not (so far data-wise it is looking like it worked). Other bugs require a game update, those bugs are ranked, prioritized, and worked on accordingly.

Silently uploaded. Sounds about right.

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Customer support is rude and nonexistent and pvp is ridiculous and laughable at best. Since you can try to grind other ways this game has become boring and frustrating at best!

Thanks for responding. Given that there is a fair bit of frustration expressed here about several issues can I ask why was there no announcement when the freezing problem was fixed.
If I was responsible I would be posting something like:
“Really sorry about the wait but we have been working on it hard and have now found the problem and fixed it. Please let us know ASAP if you have any further problems. We are now turning out attention to (hood problem/axe problem/other/xxxxx) and hope to have that fixed by cxxcc. We appreciate your patience”

The problem seems to me to be that the communication feels like we are “all in this together” and stuck in an “I.T. Or techie way of communication. But we out here are not. We are paying customers spending large amounts of money.
Would you buy luxury products online from a store with such poor communication skills?

@Keith - Can you please tell the developers this is really frustrating and borderline unacceptable? So for how long exactly could we have been using our strongest lineup against the Black Dragon? Instead of throwing less-than lineups at the hardest challenge (and only free option) available?

Was the plan to never tell anyone there was a fix, so when people ask about it to support, they can say their favorite line “Everything is working as intended; sorry the cranium rats have broken down your pitiful resolve”.

Will Saarvin be fixed via “silent upload” as well? Or will we find out after the new toon has been marketed, sold, available via test of might then gifted to the whole player base that “Saarvin is working as intended and was never meant to have extra attacks”?

The lack of information here is astounding so far from the actual upgrade. Devs need to communicate what they are working on (what is broken, and what is intended) and not leave their CUSTOMERS hanging.

Or do what you’ve always done and continue to watch frustrated players leave never to return to a LUDIA game ever.