Please limit the amount of boosts that can be used on Player ID

Stat Boosts without limitation will create more gap between the players.

My Idea is;

  • You can use boosts only 60 times so it will likely reach the maximum amount of boost with only two lv.30 creatures or can make it balance on 8 creatures in your roster
  • What if you already used all your 60 times quota but really want to boost you newly Spinoconstrictor?(lol) Afraid not, boosts rollback is still here without any refund
  • You won’t have a refund
  • If you want to have some new boosts as a substitute for you spent boosts, they are always on store for Sale! (Yes, ludia. I’m still giving your a chance to sell stuff)

This way can closer the gap between the players on arena. They don’t need to face up with 4 superboosted creatures anymore but will likely meet only 1-2 max boosted creatures per match or won’t see any boosted creatures at all!

Or they will face up with balance boosted team of 4 that will focus strategies and skills instead of boosted stats!

The competition gap is closer and Ludia can sell stuff!

It’s win-win situation right?