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Please listen to the players

Please please please please for the love of god give us new top arenas. Aviary, Library, Gyro and Shores are choked with players.
I can’t even count how many people have said this is ruining pvp for them. By not creating new arenas and new trophy reset limits Ludia is singlehandedly destroying one of its main sections of the game. And I’m sadly certain that people will be quitting playing simply because of Ludia’s inaction. Pleeeease listen to us. Before it is too late.


What would more arenas change? Player scores remain the same anyways so you keep on battling the same opponents. The only way to avoid more dropping is to make higher arenas more interesting. Arena rewards for higher ranks in form of exclusives would help imo


At the moment there is a huge compression of players in those top Arenas. As more players fight to get there, it’s pushing players of different power levels together below that point and that’s the problem. Opening up a half dozen Arenas at the top end would release that pressure and allow those players to rise up freeing the lower players from their compression. So it does make sense to have new Arenas. The problem would be that it is a vicious cycle. It won’t take long before the same problem occurs again and players are asking for more high end Arena levels.


Thats the nature of this type of game though. They had to make new arenas before. Its now time for more. ASAP.


More arenas do absolutely change nothing. The rewards would though. The grind for incunators is too real. And since you get the same rewards if you are around 4,5k or 10k score that is where the problem comes from.

Once you reached your possible highscore you know of, drop hundreds of points and get easy incs. Because you dont miss anything that way

But rewards won’t help all that much because you’ll still bottleneck those players and it will push more down into the player bracket below, who will be forced to do the same again, and so and so.


I am not sure if you read what you wrote there… how will you encourage players to ascend in arenas if there is little to no benefit to it? If you get the literal same rewards in aviary as in shores there is no need to remain there and give you a harder challenge to have incs running all the time

2021 has barely started … give them some time to stockpile our opinions and do something with them…

Lol, riiight. Because that is what they’ve done so far.
Its all a dream that we haven’t been suffering though this madness

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The problem isn’t that their are to many players in the top arenas at all… it’s that their are to few players in the last three arenas.

Like literally only 5% of the playerbase is in Library and higher.

Spreading those players out more doesn’t fix anything cause Ludia would have to open match making up like they have with shores… but on a larger scale.

The problem has always been that only 5% of the playerbase is in library or higher. Which isn’t enough players for match making.

The bottle necks aren’t even bottle necks their literally arenas with enough players…

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I know what I wrote and I agree that that is a problem. But neither the addition of new Arena levels (although that would help short term) nor pushing better rewards is going to solve the problem either way. It’s going to require some brainstorming to work a means that will work to everyone’s satisfaction and game balance.

No, the problem is that Ludia has always favored the next shiny toy instead of well thought through and implemented balanced gameplay. The reason only 5% of the players are in library or higher is that 95% of the players abandon the game after they realize there is no progress without investing huge amounts of money or time. It is only getting worse over time. It’s also part of the reason Pokémon Go makes 100x revenue even though both are backed by billion dollar IP. Ludia as a company has most likely missed out on at least hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue since release because their short term greed gets in the way of well rounded gameplay that would lead to much wider adoption. Truly astonishing are those who lead the game development but seem so dismissive for WHY players abandon the game while continuing to only demonstrate such half hearted attempts to improve.


They’ve taken all of 2020 to think about it already…

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I agree with a lot of what you said except for the 95% abandonment… this games player base has stuck around 250-270k for well over a year now.

This games downloads per month is actually really low… sensor tower has it at 60k for December.

The biggest part of this games playerbase is casual… the bulk of these players don’t really hunt all that much or care to climb the ladder. They dart their weekly epics… do the rare epic and boost. And are completely happy with that. Some of them might battle a few times a month.

Because their only really get what is handed to them they don’t progress that much at all… which is the reason their are over 100k players between sorna, ruins, and avairy. And 17-20k between library, gyro, and shores.

Ludia has to find a way to get a larger percentage of players up the ladder and into the top three arenas… without just handing out more dna.

More players is better match making. Less players or more spread out players is worse for match making.


My 95% abandonment assumes 5 - 10 million unique player downloads, that’s just a WAG really. No idea the accuracy though. Many of those players probably only put in maybe an hour or two and decided it was not for them. However even casual daily players from the start like you describe should be in aviary or library by now, but the numbers there lead me to believe there is a high level of abandonment from library or above players as well.

At this point Ludia is operating as though the development effort to improve engaging gameplay is not worth the money compared to just adding a few critters every three months and reshuffling stats or moves so boosts have to be spread across a broader number of critters instead of just a team of eight. While this slows the shrinking of the active player base, it really doesn’t promote growth because imbalance still leads to abandonment. In 2018 they had the money to make significant changes to accelerate growth, but never did, so revenue and player base growth never happened. Boosts provided more revenue, but failing to learn the lesson of the first year they did not reinvest in the now very altered gameplay so again long term revenue and player base growth never happened. I’m hoping they’ll listen, why bother posting right, but unless 2.5 brings significant change count me in the abandonment column soon.

Ludia doesn’t care man, today look at ur trophées well and next year see how many u still have and how many u spend for nothing. It looks like we’re riding home bike. U no move a lot and this game cost a lot… Today i needed this paralux incub and his 109€. Problem if I pay it in 2 or 3 months the gona take boosts away again. What kind of a politics you need to loose half of ur boost if u take it away.

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I completely agree with you! I’ve become so disappointed by being stuck in Gyro for the past year. I thought it was because I wasn’t a very good player but now I see it’s a flaw in the game. I’ll try to be patient because I really do love the game…

I don’t know if Ludia even cares anymore…

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Hm i dont understand why u dont talk about arena droppers :thinking: they are in shores and want to grind incubaiters for more boosts so they drop on purpes and eat everything on there way back speeding up incubaiters with cash doing maby 30 + incubaiters a Day … while doing this they crash dump other max lvl players with full lvl 30 teams to lower arenas pushing payers from gyrosfhere to libryary and then those players push libryary further down the ladder and so it goes all the way down like rings in the water !

I think the only fix is that once u enter shores u should not be appel do move down again, once u reach 6000 points u should be stuck there, unless u win and gain trofies … And only win or loose in that arena, offcorse we need new arenas maby a 7000 and 8000 and 9000 but once u enter those u can never go back to lower arenas :smirk: the reset should also be from the arena u where in like if im at 5300 i should be reset to 5000 and so on :+1: im not sure the arena droppers likes this ide’r but i actualy dont care whut they want ! They are actualy exploiding a weakness in the game .

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What your suggesting is a gate from which once you pass through cannot return, 6000 trophies & that’s it stuck there .A better choice might be level caps , so if aviary for example had a level cap of 25 , even if your Dino is level 30 once you drop into aviary it’s capped at 25 until you move back up, it can be done because we see it in certain tourney,

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