Please Ludia. Add the "Are you sure" question

There are way too many accidents in your Jurassic World Alive game, where you just accidentally press the fuse or evolve button when you didn’t want it to happen. These accidents are extreamly annoying and can hurt players in the long run.
To mitigate this, Ludia should add some kind of a verification button to every action that involves spending DNA, coins or bucks. Some sort of an “Are you sure?” that verifies your actions and could therefor help the players to stop feeling horrible when they click it by mistake.
Lets make this happen, shall we?

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But only if you are leveling something past its last hybrid point, it would be really anoying if you would have to click a separate button each time you want to level something.

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I purposely managed to shoot some Seco this afternoon and managed to fuse 350 Ardonto DNA to level up Maxima. Of course the bad fuse button mechanics meant I accidentally levelled up Ardonto.

I could cry. This game really needs a confirm button or an undo feature.