Please, Ludia do a total Rebalancing Again

As the title suggest, please ludia take this thing into consideration…
With the introduction to broken apexes and uniques every update, older creatures are getting irrevelant day by day…Higher arenas are becoming boring with same creatures used again and again… Not mention that we have 300+ abilities in the game… What’s the point of that? 150-200 abilities were fine, but no! Ludia will introduce 30 abilities every update that are exclusive to newer creatures… Instead of buffing hundreds of older creatures, why not rebalance those newer creatures?


They’re not even balancing the older creatures. Most of the new creatures have different attacks (at least 1 moveset), based on Secure/Threatened state with at least 2-3 resistances. Because of this, older creatures get foreshadowed by the newer ones, as they can’t balance the newer move sets.


I hate reading a paragraph to understand a move. Then trying to remember it. Then multiple that by the X amount of creatures you use with these moves and it’s nuts.

I miss the old days where it was basically destroy shields, slow, cleanse, stun, speed up, indom cloaked and indo evaded. It was simple.

Then they changed where the slow move didn’t cleanse fully anymore but only damage. They changed the chance of hitting through cloaks. New moves and more new moves. Then resistances were introduced. Then flocks and the secure threatened thing.

It’s just too much for a basic game we want to battle and go to the next. Not sit, read, and memorize long descriptive moves.


Not mention the new FRENZY mechanic…


Yes, the new moves are ridiculous and often pointless. You only have 15 seconds to:

  • Examine your opponents stats
  • Check how much main damage they’ll cause
  • Do the math to work out how much damage will be mitigated in case of shields, armor, vulnerability, distraction and/or dodge
  • Double check your own moves to devise a plan where possible

I can’t keep up. I can’t do it all in just 15 seconds and, judging by how late my opponents are choosing moves, neither can they. I’m not a math expert. I’ve lost so many battles since the vulnerability change.

I mean… How are some of us supposed to work out how much damage a ferocious strike will do against my 20% armored 50% shielded vulnerable dino in that short time frame, AND pick a move?


Yeah I agree. With so many math mechanics and resistances to calculate, the game should provide a more accurate reading quicker than holding each move to view damage. Speed increase/decrease would also be nice to see before the move is done. Mutual fury as well

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