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Please ludia don't ban me

Before we start, I wanted to comment on something, it is to see if it counts as a cheat. When I see that a battle takes a long time to load, I touch the letter exit, I press the × when it tells me if I want to exit the game, and so I can see the market or make exchanges, I want to know whether to stop doing this or continue doing it, now I want to comment on this super crazy thing. I was going to fight in the water stampede, when I did the trick that I mentioned above, and it turns out that I opened fights, I went to the legendary roar and suddenly I see and bang! My orthacanthus, Hainosaurus and tylosaurus fighting 3 t-rex level 40, I wanted to comment on this rare trick that I accidentally did so that they would not ban me, I did not do it on purpose, simply by a mistake this happened


That’s so cool, teach me your ways


it’s just a bug…


You can literally make a spinosaur fight a mosasaur or other aquatic creature, but just in case, unless it’s very necessary, I’ll try not to


I have a lvl 4 haino too!


Wow a floating Haino as she says, “We all float down here… You’ll float too.” with an evil smile on her face. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I wondered who has actually won. :grin::grin: I don’t think you’ll get a ban for this but I can say you did just get a hard laughter from me. So cool man, well done! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It turns out that because of so much confusion and so much laughter I got distracted and lost the battle…
By the way, thanks


I am even still laughing to this and I can’t help it. I mean look at that TRex’s face be like “What in the hell??” :joy: I would’ve too dude, I would’ve too. :grin::grin:


Emmmmm… okey?

(The helicoprion face is like “Since when can you swim !?” And then it says “right, like fish, you have omega, that’s what makes you swim”)

sorry but I did it again because with those creatures Ludia made it difficult for me xd

it’s kind weird to have a boss level 28 and not have a good aquatic team…

This is my aquatic lineup and your opponent team’s ferocity suggests that i am not far from you…

Exactly xd

You’re right, I envy your legendary level 20 because I have it at level 10 and also your henodus, I also lack reef creatures, I have creatures from caves and surfaces

don’t you earn aquatics by doing events??

Well, which ones didbu unlock?

I have unlocked I think 1 or 2 unlocked aquatic legendaries, but if I have 3 VIPs (actually I would have 4, that is, a repeated one, but I did not like it and since I had very little food I ended up exchanging)

Bring two of each at twenty then you destroy bro.

Ok, thanks

That bug issue I think was 5 years ago where people use land vs aquatic glitch. I thought that was fixed a long time ago. Teach me how to do that please.