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Please Ludia, don't do it to the players

We know that new Apex raids are coming to the game, but when it happens, please, do not make an apex per week… It is already a huuuge stairway to unlock Mortem for those who didn’t hit jackpot and got all 10’s before the DNA adjustment and also for those who have not completed it yet or have a few times, maybe once. When new Apex are added, please, make a raid day for all the Apex dinos


Put the unique raid slot on Wednesday and move apex raids to the weekend, when more people have time to do them and find them.


I didn’t think about doing apex raids on the weekend because of tournaments, but that’s also a good idea

There is absolutely no problem with having raids and tournaments during the weekend. This was among the weirdest excuses for limiting content in a game - we don’t want to let you play our PvE content of which we barely have any anyway, cause see we got this PvP content… huh?

Ludia didn’t want to mess up hardcore players by forcing them to choose between raids or tourneys. However, it could have been done much better


I agree that raids should be available on the weekends. Allow 24 hours each or change something so that many players that aren’t “die hard weekend battlers” have a chance to strategize. Priorities should be set within each alliance, not predetermined.

Ludia can easily make the raids over the weekend and make tournaments 1 day or 2 days

Well, then make raids just for the non hardcore players :rofl:i

Raids don’t take as much time as tourneys so I see absolutely no problem with having raids on the weekend.

This might work:
Friday-Sunday: Sino, Mammo, Nemys
Other Days: 3 Apex Raids, +another epic/legendary/unique

Then after a month:
Friday-Sunday: Apex Raids
Other Days: all other raids

This month would give people time to make strategies for the new apex raids so that they don’t interfere with tourneys. Cause mortem is fairly easy once you have the strategy down.

(My 2cents on the subject)