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Please, Ludia, for the last time, unlock Base Creatures!

“Locked creature” might be one of the most typed words in those forums… the point of unlocking them is neither the strength of their hybrids nor their usefulness by collectors. But first if all, we should analyze what is actually Jurassic World: The Game: it is anything more anything less than a franchising of the four beloved films. Jurassic Park began with just 15 creatures, and with the years the variety in the famous park raised. Even in this franchising in my opinion there should be a higher variety of species. As many people said, ideas don’t miss at all. But it is a blasphemy to insert the 8th tournament carnivore hybrid or whatever and not unlocking poor, little, unmeaning, one-shottable Tuojiangosaurus, Pelecanimimus, Pyroraptor, Dimetrodon and many (very MANY) other creatures. Jurassic World and Park off course are two glorious and overall, various environments, so i can’t get the point of finding always the same 5 dinosaurs in Golden Rewards. Variety. Variety is the key word for the sufference of Post-Reshuffle Players. I give you an example ASAP of a problem with locking down everything: mission that tells X lvl 40 dinosaurs, might tell you to max 5 herbivores. If you want to be rude with this one you just max out 5 Trikes and it finished there, but i know peoples that consider JWTG not just a game, but their park. After this Ludia could repair their mistake, then the chances are two:
1- Re-put in all unlocks and there will be peace and love in our game
2- Since Ludia, as usual, isn’t gonna hear the first one, they could enhigh chances of locked creatures in Packs and Spin Wheels.
I hope to do not have bored anyone and i hope that someone of Ludia’s beautiful team (@Keith , @Hank, @Daven, @Jason ) can adjust this huge mistake.
Hope to have resumed all sufference of Post-Shuffle players in one thread.
Bye, Therizino.


This is exactly what people need to make it an enjoyable game,
Ludia is trying to stop people from cheating and this a good way as many people want those creature and find it frustrating not to have them so some of them cheat other quite the game entirely, there is still a lot of people who play this game legit, so please give us some unlock to make everyone happy
(needed unlock:PYRORAPTOR,rajasaure and many tournament to make their hybrid)

This subject does not need another thread. Be patient (see photo).

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As per the title, this is the last time this can be asked for…


I’ve been playing since April 2019 and the only one I’ve not unlocked is Aerotitan (Not that bothered since I have a level 40) but I believe that new players deserve the same experience as old players with a way to unlock these creatures. So yes we need opportunities to unlock new creatures that have no means of unlocking currently.


As a player that was able to get almost all of these unlocks before they were removed, I’m not going to sit in judgement of the newer players that are frustrated at how hard Ludia has made it for them. Yes, it’s been hashed over MANY times before, and doesn’t seem Ludia is listening. Ultimately if players continue to play in the same numbers, and the lack of having those unlocks is getting the results Ludia wants to see (using more of your precious resources in the game to try and get the copies needed for the hybrids) they probably aren’t likely to reverse course on this. But I’m not going to give you grief for continuing to try and state your case and hoping to change their mind… because I’d certainly feel the same way if I were in your situation. And I sort of am. Even if you can still collect them, for me it doesn’t feel like you have "completed’ the goals of the game unless you can see all the creatures in it being unlocked. I am one of those that got stuck in between the two groups having those two SR aquatics still locked and while they haven’t in any real way affected my ability to do things in the game, it definitely bothers my desire to complete tasks in the game to not be able to check those off as “done”. So I do hope that there will be some rare chances to finally get some of these missing unlocks.


Guys…! As a Post Reshuffle player just like you, I have only one thing to say. Get over it!

You said it yourself:

They’re useless in terms of ferocity (not counting in hybrids). I say this as someone who last year at this time was the loudest on this Forum ranting about base unlocks irony but I will repeat this again.

Once you’ve reached a milestone in the Game, base unlocks will not even MATTER to you anymore except for collector’s purposes.

With experience.

Exactly, we already know Ludia will not listen and it’s absolutely pointless to even try and change their minds. It’s been made very clear several times that there’s nothing planned as of now.

I’m all for the rest of the base unlocks, being a Post Reshuffle player myself. But I will add this, please do not consider this as a drawback to your progress in the game. I believed the same but later realised how wrong I was.

In fact guys i gave another choice to Ludia, to improve chances of finding on wheels and packs those creatures. After this, i have many maxed locked creatures, but the point isn’t gaining them, i know i will get them, but it is the variety. Also @Jurassic_Fury and @Sionsith have you finished to joke me? :rofl:

Why would I ever tease anyone? …Okay, scratch that. Why would I ever unnecessarily tease anyone? I don’t know about @Sionsith. :eyes:

I did mention I’m a Post Reshuffle player as was obvious by my endless drooling over Rajasaurus.

I’ve made my point about this topic in my post, that there is nothing we can do about it and Ludia will not listen to our suggestions.

And I also believe I’ve explained this quite a few times before as well.

I feel your pain

I’m 100% in support of this @Therizino2.0

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Yes, but it seemw tou are telling on your knees locked Raja forever.

I do agree with you and i think it’s stupid that post aug 2019 players or anyone who couldn’t unlock everyone before the unnecessary battle stage rework can’t have access to literal base game creatures such as commons. sadly the only common thing now are just these mid-tier tournaments that ludia keeps dishing out…

On the weekly schedule post there was lots of discussion of alternative tournament formats

From @Andy_wan_kenobi

'Not only have we seen Aquatic and Cenozoic tournaments in the past, but we’ve also seen Class (Amphibians and Carnivores only) and Rarity (Rare only) and level restricted (level 11+ only) tournaments before. What Ludia has done once, Ludia can certainly do again. ’

(Sorry, not technically proficient enough to create an in-forum link for this, I did try)

So I was thinking, how about a tournament where you are guaranteed a pair of unlocked dinos of an appropriate class in any finish level but Dominator?

That is a tournament where I might seriously think about aiming for Predator instead - although of course I might still get 2 Scapho, the only Legendary unlock I have loads of. But it would be worth the gamble to get more Dimetrodon or better still Sarcosuchus .


Must come out unlock event for these 3 Boys:






As many times as this is said they will probably not listen


I alone have said it a thousand times!
But hope is the last to die!


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Yeah, but can Pachycephalosaurus be unlocked?

Yes, I think it’s battle stage

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