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Please Ludia give us the indominus rex pack!

Come on ludia you know that many people were stop from getting dom because of many different glitch, so please give us a pack for all the people that did not win because of glitches
Here is a pole please post so ludia see it:

  • Yes ludia should give us the pack
  • No Ludia should not give us the pack

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But I guess we will have to wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

This thread is pointless as it has been covered in the other threads both the update thread as well as the tournament thread. Making another thread is not going to change the situation.


I do agree it is worthless.

And one thread would be better

I mean not everyone who had the glitch was going to win the pack so maybe they will be giving the pack to someone who is level 20 and was not going to win so that’s kinda pointless and if they just go around passing out the indominus pack to people who had the glitch and couldn’t do it that kinda won’t be fair to the people who actually put so many bucks to doing it and they just giving it to people who just gave up


I won the tourney, just did not receive anything kinda unfortunate

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but all the people who had the glitch or not they don’t know and we want that reward, we got a glitch that stop us from getting dominator, so we need a composition, I think they should give the pack to people 53 and above because tx is unlocked at this level, the rest of the player should ave the double legendary or just a single copy of the indominus rex, no unlock

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I had the bug alot (later on) beacause when i reached predator things started happening ALOT

Well I mean, a 6th anniversary pack isn’t to much to ask…

I voted in favor of yes, because if it is a package as compensation for mistakes that hindered the progress of the tournament, then Ludia should give us the package. However, if it’s just because you didn’t win the tournament, then I don’t agree

My opinion:

Give everybody an Indom Pack.

Judging who should unlock it would be tough, so I’d just use previous tournaments metadata (if it exists) to give unlocks. Basically any Dom win the past 2 months gives you an unlock. I think that’s fair.


I didn’t participate in the voting 'cause there are some solid reasons exist which I give credit to. First they have to find the real source causing all this. Then they need to find the affected group and how much if possible, and finally comes the bug fixation and compensation. So I’m all aware of the procedure even if I am deeply frustrated. Yet I demand some glimpse of an information about how this investigation is going, on a daily basis if possible. 'Cause it is way worse to sit alone in the dark, hands tied.

On the other hand, I’m afraid that I do not agree with all of your thoughts. I can only assume that you are seeing this as a “challenge” or “fight” or “struggle” whatever you call it, and you are pointing out the effort you put into as “spending bucks” while knowing that you can easily reach out at dominator if none of these ever happened. Yes it can be justified up to a point, but this is your choice basically. None of this cascade of bugs are our faults so shouldn’t be the actions we took next.

Thus, while one of us could have decided to force it through by getting kicked out countless times a day and yet losing progression, and simply couldn’t have done the other. There is no guarantee in this, even you could have been out of the dominator for example, despite spending tons of bucks like you lose your whole progress in a blink. Can you be sure of the other way around? So it is not reasonable to adress the ones who haven’t go for it further, as the ones who “gave up”. And not either leaving them out the door, because of this.

For my case, I haven’t even had the chance to open the game up to do a single battle after a while. Then what will happen to me and the players who had a similar fate? Then are we the quitters to? No we aren’t. This is a global issue as it seems so far, so we need to understand the issue from every possible aspect. Otherwise everyone would have their own rights and wrongs about it. :man_shrugging:

Quick reminder: My tourneys have been needing only a couple of runs lately, like 2 mostly, 3 in some rare cases. Thus, also a great amount of players who are affected from this are most likely the ones like me which I believe, who have been also having no struggle to reach dominator for a long time. So generalization can be a bit misleading. That is all I’m saying. Not to be rude or something else, please do not get me wrong. Just trying to be upmost objective. :raised_hands:

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From the other side,
I don’t think it is necessary to pray for Indomimus, after all, Indonimus is relatively easily accessible for every player. For me, in this case would be more important the tournaments Metriocanthosaur, Gorgosaur, segnosaur etc.

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Or let me widen the extent here, the whole gameplay shall we say? This is not an issue that causes us a pack, or event or anything else only, but the whole ability of simply playing it. Game needs to turn back to its playable yet having some troubles state ASAP.

The only thing that really makes me nervous is that this is a largely, yet partially global bug. If every single player had been dealing with this, then I would be a bit more compfy as it would need a solution to get everyone back live again. But in this case, my inner voice says “What if they cannot find a proper reason behind all this and get going with the rest who stayed unaffected?”

I can’t help but ask this to myself. I really don’t wanna be the left behind.


yeah just lost 2 pack to crash(k]jurassic park event and anky unlock) nd all creature in cool down
I thought it was a pvp only but no!
Getting worse and worse, even the dino I bought this morning did not count and it did not even crashed


I think by now that the majority of players are affected by this bug, or so it seems on the forums anyway… theyl find a fix soon, just a waiting game really we wont be left in the dust

To be honest, me personary interesting, how the sitiation with banning of hackers look, more than this