Please, Ludia! Have you no heart?!

For the love of all that is good and just, please… PLEASE give us a REAL migration.
I have half the dna required to power up SO many, the other halves are local dna that I can hardly find. I NEVER hunt in my home/work zone (L3 :mask:.) All the time I have to dedicate to hunting is spent in my car, in other zones still not finding what I need.
Look at my coin count:

It’s starting to get really old and depressing.
The End.
Thanks, Ludia, love you :revolving_hearts:


I wish I had that many coins… :disappointed:


I wouldn’t have this many if I could actually evolve my Raja or Dio lol.
Magna as well, although unrelated to the migration.

you have coins, you have cash and you have an amazing squad…what you don’t have, is my sympathy.



I wouldn’t have much sympathy for you either if I didnt also live and work in L3. L3 is the absolute rock bottom worst.


i feel ya bruh… definitely DNA imbalances. most of that sino is from an incubator. my dracorex is also only 15 never getting utarinex :sob: . at least yours is already 25

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Thx for the squad compliment :grin:
With the creatures currently in the game, it’s permanent. Somethin new and insanely awesome would have to come along for me to change it.

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Can’t even find Erlik :sob:
L3 needs to be destroyed, buried, and desecrated.


Nailed it!!

My heart breaks for your L15 Draco :broken_heart:
Once it changed zones, it was closer to my house so I started hunting them hardcore.

L3 could be better. I have a 25 monomimus and a 23 erlidominus from it. but we don’t get much else to show for it :sob:


I’m extremely jealous of your Erlidom. It’s one of the 3 creatures I don’t have yet. For some reason Erlik doesn’t exist in my L3. I miss when it used to appear day and night.

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I don’t think anyone wants to know the things that I would do for that many coins…

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yeah. just how spawns go. i see 1 erlikosaurus like every 3 days. craziest thing is a while back my indoraptor was still 24… and my megalosaurus, kaprosuchus and postasuchus were all like level 7. just never saw them.

i’m missing like 5 uniques. and nodopatotian. just never see giraffatitan :unamused:

Damn, you weren’t kidding about your dna imbalance. That’s brutal.
Giraff gave me a hard time, too :hocho::sauropod::dagger:

I honestly wish I lived closer to a L3 for Monolophrosaurus. I’m bordering two zones right now where I live (L2 & L4 I believe, i have to double check) and L1 is like 20 minutes down the road, but noo The closest L3 is my towns local mall which is 45 minutes away :frowning:

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Homestly the farther away from an l3… the better… i live in a l1, with an l3 right up the road…i only go down that road when i have a scent…lol

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Yeah but what level is your monominimus?

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Think about it @Aaron_Norris, even you know L3 is the worst. The level of my Monomimus doesn’t take away from that fact. In fact, today I saw my first mono spawn in 3 weeks. The last time I saw one was in a closed aquatic garden just out of range so I couldn’t dart it. The vast majority of my mono DNA has come from the events and not L3. Monoloposurus is the best thing average L3 players like me have. Erlik is a glass unicorn, and I’ve been darting every toujiang I’ve seen since June and it still isnt lvl 20…plus its other ingredients are in L4. I’m not hating on the other locals, as the rest are fantastic. I would trade my garbage L3 (except for mono :wink:) for any of them.
edit: this is not an attack on you @Aaron_Norris, it’s just me venting…L3 made me do it. Forgive me.