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Please Ludia, I'm requesting you

Please remove 10 dna from the fuses, because it’s really annoying get ten after about giving 100 epic dna, I was only 20 dna from leveling up my ankyntro to 19 , but guess what happened, I got 10…
I’m feeling that I’m just wasting my ankylosaurus and kentrosaurus dna.
And please oay some attention to it…


If you remove 10, then 20 will be the new 10.


It is better than 10 and I would suggest that when fusing to make a hybrid, make 10’s harder to get. For my ardent for example and plenty of other hybrids, i got 23 10’s and a single 20. That took me months and months to get, same with my erlidom. A lot of people in my alliance also have this issue, especially with uniques.

I always find that I get more DNA on average when I save up for a multi-fuse vs fusing one at a time. :thinking:


I can do that when i’m creating a creature. When I multi fuse, i got 90-190 per fuse. But the other day I got a 50 on a multi fuse on utasinoraptor

And it is especially annoying fusing for a unique when getting epic dna for something say eucladoceros, and others for me, and I get 10 on EVERY fuse for it

True, 50 is more than 10 :wink:


Totally unproven, but wat I do is before I fuse a legendary or unique, I’ll fuse a rare til I get a 10. After tat I’ll fuse the actual dino, and fingers crossed hit a big number, or at least a 20. To repeat this method is unproven :joy:

I mean I would usually get ~90-100+ DNA on the 5 mutli-fuse, but if I did those fuses individually, I don’t think I would get that much. :sweat_smile:


Don’t stir the multifuse conspiracy! :upside_down_face:

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Heheh, those are just my opinion! No conspiracy. :sweat_smile: :pray:

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Ya I tend to get better fuse luck whenever I do a multi fuse

Be careful or we’ll throw an interesting article at you about fusing :rofl:


I would NOT mind at all if Legendary and Unique hybrids lost the ability to get 10s and just started at 20s. I recently unlocked Tuoramoloch and Trykosaurus, and except for two 20s on the former and the recent event for the latter they were ENTIRELY made up of 10s. It was as painful as digitally possible a wait.

Naturally, for kicks I fused my Majundaboa something like 250 times or whatever. Got two 100s and I’ve never seen so many 70s and 80s pop up.


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i got a 10 when i needed a 20 to get magna to 23. i have it at 23 now tho, luckily i got a 50 on tryo and can get it to 23 and start spending dime on magna instead

tried that, and i dont work

I get a lot of 60, 70, and 80’s on the 5 multi fusion. Always disappointing to get less than 100 on that, but it happens so often that sometimes I’ll just do 5 individual fuses.

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Yea ikr, but one can always hope :laughing: I hit a big one for magna before, like 50 or something, after a run of 10s. So just keep goin, it will happen eventually.

I just did a fuse for magna and got a 70. 160/250 now I think


Lets make that endgame rarity hybrids(i mean uniques)had to start at the minimal fuse of 20.i hate when my spyx gets 3*10 dna a rów after i FIP spino G2 in’s so unfair and demotivating.Also somebody could point me out that this would make uniques easier to lvl up.perhaps but your whole day of fipping a creature wouldnt waste and you would feel more would Also encourage to get uniques rather than other rarities(except apex)