Please Ludia it is time to implement solo raids

As it says in the title, it is time you gave us this option in a future update of the game, since it is less and less possible to get someone to invite you to an Apex raid, since the best players are not interested in them. , because they have already maximized their Apex, I have almost 3 years in the game and I have the necessary creatures to face the bosses alone, without waiting for other players to obtain DNA from those creatures.


Do you mean with four creatures and you control them all?


Sounds like a good idea to me. Others on here are definitely going to disagree with you however.


Agreed… please Ludia… give us the option to do raids solo!

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This is a good idea in my mind. Perhaps half the DNA reward for solo play since raids are designed to be a team effort?


Please Ludia bring this in the future and keep multiplayer Apex raid boss in Apex rarity and change the bosses of other rarities. Like we already have Postimetrodon,Blue, Megalotops and Rex in multiplayer raids so bring Sinoceratops, Secodontosaurus, Koolasuchus and Sonarasaurus in Solo raids.

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with such terrible social mechanics implemented into jwa, i say raid is actually totally dependent on discord.

so much that ludia could simply add a discord shortcut somewhere in jwa’s ui.

if a player don’t play this way, it’s better to have a solo version too.

maybe they release a campaign raid system. :sunglasses:


I personally like the idea that you can control all 4 creatures with one account. I think I could only successfully complete 3 of the raids with my one account that has enough raid creatures to do them. It would give me and anyone else something to work toward.

I do raids with 4 different accounts successfully and the only difficulty I have is having to go for a walk to grab them half the time. Now that there is snow, the days they are out of range is going to take a lot of extra effort to get them. It’s not just putting my coat, hat and gloves on but warming the car, brushing off snow and scraping windows. It’s like there is getting more and more and more things to do just to do a raid.

Once I unlock these, I will only do them in range till the weather warms and snow melts.

the point of raids is cooperation between players. tho, im not opposed to solo raids. jsut dont think ludia would bite to allow players to do the “newest” raids solo. older ones would probably be possible candidates.


I’m in support of solo raids. From Apex to Rare.

As pointed out, we the senior players have all the required creatures. We can manage to complete all raids without much issue.

As of now, it is unnecessarily hard to find 3 others to join the raid, to organize the team i.e. follow the right strat, bring in right creatures, etc., without Discord and if your friends are not connected to the Discord server and/or your raid team are not from the same Alliance.

I don’t think support for low level players will become an issue. For me I’ve been doing the same raids multiple times a day if I get invitations from others. I believe many other senior players do the same.

So, let’s the senior players have the incentive to complete those raids on our own.


As someone relatively new, I would welcome the ability to solo some raids by making a team on ones own creatures.

It’s been very challenging to match up for even a simple raid with my alliance, and the only ones I’ve done were with friends in other alliances. But we couldn’t communicate realty so it had to be back and slash /zero strategy needed style.

solo raids would not be a terrible idea. Some people may not have access to discord to organize a raid so being able to do one by your self would make it easier for people.