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Please ludia, more green stops


So, after 8 hours of work, i go for a walk trying to get some dilophosaur wich i don’t see often, and guess what, 2 hours of walking and couldn’t find a single one, is it just me ? Because it happens all the time… this past weekend, to get the 9 attemps on rajasaurus, i had to go out for a total of 5 hours, i Think that is too much, again, am i the only one? Sorry for my bad english and thanks for reading.

U serious Ludia?
Where are the supply drop's
Wow Ludia

I was in L2. Pretty sure every stop I hit there had dilo. Then after I caught them the stop usually turned to mono. I bet it’s frustrating to get 48 dilo’s in the amount of time they a lot if you don’t have a ton of stops.

I did my raja’s last night in under an hour.


The green stops have became less here as well. I live in zone 2.


Z3 here and they are nowhere near as common as they used to be.


It’s a conspiracy, they don 't want us to get the hybrides.:scream::joy::joy::joy:


Around my house , I only see one green stop and no blue strike tower… and there are 41 stops that I can see …

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I just drove through a neighborhood with an epic scent hoping to attract some Sino. It was a pretty good size neighborhood. No green stops. The only ones close were on the busy street you have to drive on to get to the neighborhood. You would think neighborhoods would be the perfect place to load up the green SD’s. Encourage getting out an walking around if you can.


I play as a passenger and I see a lot fewer these days. …In addition to driving 20 miles round trip last week to get dinos and finish the epic strike tower–the one on our road was gone and we couldn’t find another one. :frowning: Please stop moving the towers.

(I try not to complain about being a rural player, but it’s getting worse instead of better.)


Ludia haven’t moved the green stops like they’ve said in the past, they’ve straight REMOVED them.

There are so few green cubes now that it’s impossible to find 48 of the same dino (dilo).

And, of the few green cubes I see?

Devoid of any spawns whatsoever.


Z3 here as well. A lot less stops this time around, as well as last week.

Beginning to get a bit frustrating now, especially when all you ever see around these parts are Diplo.


Between the time I wrote my last post and now, the last 2 green stops in my neighborhood disappeared. Vanished.

I now have no way of getting the dinos of the day without driving to another neighborhood.

Between that and this new tournament, maybe it’s time I cancel VIP and delete the game?


Same here, the only green stop that I can see changed into a blue strike tower. I don’t know which one is better, one blue tower or one green stop x)

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Looks like they didn’t like your comment and deleted the last 2 on you…

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L3…just one green box in the distance…otherwise every second orange box is a strike event …”great” distribution :roll_eyes::smirk::unamused:

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I had one green box in strike distance too and after 6hours into the event it has changed to a scent strike tower :sweat::weary:


i agreed with you.
last Epic spawn (we have 9 chances) and we found a lot of green poles everywhere and you can find all 3 epics

Now Common Spawn (48 chances) what we found was : -

  1. Amount for Green poles drop dramatically everywhere
  2. Ludia know that this time player want dilo gen2 so they gave us less chance to encounter dilo gen2 at the poles which was already less

Ludia should improve and listen what players say


Massively suffering from reduced stops as well. I do on my way to work over all 4 locals and they have been reduced too much.


I made a joke earlier that it was a conspiracy, but I am beginning to think it really is…:thinking:


I understand green stops give you double rewards, maybe they don’t want us getting too much free stuff, and that is fine, how about getting “fake” stops where you can not get anything but let dinos spawn or something…for what i read you guys are having the same problem, glad to see i am not the only one, i hope they do something about it.


Yesterday at the start ( I rebooted the app) 16.00 CET there were a lot of green spots approx 8 in my surroundings.

Then all of a sudden at 22.00 CET the app restarted itself and there was just 1 green spot left