Please Ludia, remove the create category

you must remove the create category, some people do not create hybrids and it looks bad, although it can be removed it leaves a very large space between the collection and the pvp dinosaurs, put the create section below the collection or remove it, or decrease that bar so spacious


This is one very specific case, and it actually can help with new players and seeing that they have a Dino ready for unlock right after darting it. Maybe a toggle switch at best for people who don’t make hybrids, but this is a good mechanic, and it looking “bad” is subjective. So no. Let’s not remove it. Again at most just a toggle switch.


I also do dislike this feature, as I have to see a certain thing when I open my creature tab. I do agree with cheese though. Only a toggle switch.

Mmmm yes, I love seeing the thing every time I open the tab…


Not to critizise but why do some people not unlock creatures? I mean, if they’re ready to unlock just do it, it costs nothing. Just curious.


So just create them. It’s not like just the act of creating them automatically puts them on your team and removes all your current creatures.

Don’t waste time asking something that’s a minor inconvenience to you and a handful of people only. There are far too many more pressing issues that need to be dealt with, and this is not one of them by a wide margin.


I agree! Although I like not scrolling to unlock
Btw that’s a nice team and a lot of 30 commons

Cause i hate the thing very much. also, youtubers like to save em for videos, and the fact its up top could spoil the surprise

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the whole reason it’s there is so you don’t need to scroll all the way down if you DO want to create a creature, but I guess a toggle switch could work


i liked dinosaurs and others creatures, not hybrids

Playing the wrong game then if you dislike hybrids

I mean… there aren’t many mobile games with no hybrids. I can only think of ark, and the mobile version is very finicky