Please Ludia!

For once in your professional lives, please fix the bugs in your arena. For the sake of playing this game!! Please fix the bugs in the arena!! Enough is enough!! I am finding every instance of playing in arena equivalent to getting a low blow with a sledgehammer repeatedly. Your arena is no longer fun it is like pulling teeth while getting a root canal without the numbing agent.


I would be surprised if we could ever go one week without a screwup


Time and time again. Same ish, different day.


That is a huge ornithomimus.


i’v had that happen a few times. tyrko type for smilonemys model, tryko for alloraptor model, then tryko and tryko model even tho it wasn’t in my line up.

This just happened to me twice in a row. It picked my Thor and would not let me see or pick the moves. Went up against an Indom that could be distracted and when it cloaked it did damage to my Thor. I reset the game 3 times and it was back to normal somewhat with an exception of me having already beat 2 of my opponents dinos. And yet, I fight 2 more and end up winning.

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is the allosaurus gen 2 a sanctuary exclusive? i wasnt around when that dino came out and one of my alliance members is the only one who has it

yep. it’s a sanctuary exclusive.
we had i think 1 week when it and nasuto were wild for darting, then they went away.

wow this game is a joke

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Actually happened to me too sorta it’s said my connection was down it made me log out and I saw I dropped from 4 to 3 bars. This game can’t handle a one bar difference of internet :man_facepalming:t2:

Any here is what happened

And I won some how I did

Ug! I get that all the time. I caught it on video in a strike tower. I started the video immediately after it happened:

Just a few SS of this problem. I get it at least 15-20 times per day!

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Had once a match when lost connection in battle and Tryko model glitched for opponent. Restarted game, came back in match and fough same Tryko that used Smilonemys Long Defensive Strike. :grin::joy:

@Thylo_75 This game can’t handle signal hiccup. Just yesterday suddenly lost signal and got no internet connection screen in park where I’m playing daily and never have issues with signal.

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They seem to prioritise adding all these new creatures to the game instead of fixing all the bugs…

…what good is that fancy new dinosaur if its bloody invisible LOL


Hmm the glitch even has me losing a battle which is simply not possible.

ive always believed that this game should have been a strict PVE type of experience like pokemon go, but it aint my grave that ludia is digging.

It has happened to me too. Now it seems that you can lose a game due to inactivity!

Also I am getting that message in the middle of a game I was playing with no issue till that moment! I was one move for the win and this came up giving me no trophies

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