Please make an alternative to getting booted from a lobby

People wanting to do very specific strats for epic/legendary/unique raids and boot anyone not having the creature are very troublesome. Prime example being a level 20 diloranosaur user kicking everyone who does know their strat for Pthops. Or someone wanting a bumpy and ankylodic for raptor Blue’s raid.
This can be somewhat infuriating for those traveling as a passenger. Please make it to where it puts you in your own lobby instead of being kicked back to the map and having to wait for another to come in range.


This would be a nice QoL addition, but the remove option is there for a reason. There are many players that tend to bring their strongest creature into raids hoping it will work without utilizing any strategy. I was stuck fighting Fukuimimus for over half an hour because of players bringing Allosinosaurus and Indominus Rex which provided little to no support.


okay. if that´s gonna happen, then maybe instead we could have a request button where if you´re trying to do a strat, and there´s a passenger, you can request for them to be lets say that ankylodic. you could still like remove, but it wont be for that purpose.

Edit: just realized that some players might not have the dinosaurs required, in that case, maybe the raid picture could have an icon in which the host could list the dinosaurs needed as a preview.

That would be hugely helpful if this game allows participants to indicate which dino to choose. I don’t remove others a lot in raid but when someone comes with an Indom, it really makes me want to cry. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And of course a slogan like XXX please change dino or We need group shield without indicating which dino to use can be inefficient sometimes. Supposedly it shouldn’t be difficult to implement this as a simple add-on for the game developer, since there aren’t many dinos that are viable in raid to choose from til now.