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Please make cenazoics in the wild and not just inc or park exclusive

Would like to maybe get them before the next ice age(pun not intended). I feel having them park or incubator exclusive is a disservice to those that are not near parks or other robust locales with which they spawn. FIPing seems to be the only time consuming and patience taxing method to get them these days. Unless you fix the quantities of DNA that we can get with every FIP token or it seems to be unfair.


It makes no sense to include new creatures to then lock them behind incubators and special events. It’s really dumb. Just put them in the wild. Even if you have to make it so it only spawns from 12pm to 3pm or something weird like that, do it. It just doesn’t make sense to me. You can even add to the global spawn table since not many are globals.


Or just give them spawn days. This way we can get them easier

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Anyway to get them without events and FIPing is preferred. Putting them in parks is annoying since the nearest park for me is actually a child’s playground at a school. So that would be weird to hangout at.

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I am no where near a park unless I were to thumb and foot it into a metropolitan city where there is a theme park. The closest park near me is in my apartment complex and it is a dog park which is not even a park according to Google Maps

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I wonder if there’s a way to fix it with Ludia’s help. I have a park right next to the school that registers as a park spawn, but the park itself doesn’t count as a park. It’s weird.