Please make dinos spawn at night in parks also spawn during the day


I finally saw a wild Postosuchus and Trex G2 in a nearby tiny park. And it seems metahub is correct about where and when they spawn. So, T-rex G2 and Postosuchus spawn at park/green space at night.

But in my city, San Jose in California, public parks which have lots of SDs are full of homeless people at night. It’s really unsafe to go in and hunt dinos.


They may swap them at some point in the future.


I’ve met few trex gen2 and none of them was in park. But I saw postosuchus in a park yesterday night.


While i agree that certain hunting areas are best avoided at night, the problem here is in the creatures themselves.

You tend to see more herbivores during the day because (even today) they do this.

Carnivores tend to hunt at dusk and at night, when they can ambush their prey under cover of darkness.

This has more to do with the creatures’ behaviors more than with a bug. I’m not saying Ludia couldn’t fix this, but if they did, the population ratio could get weird after a while.

I agree that they could do things like advise players to only hunt in well-lit areas at night, or even despawn certain areas that are known to be dangerous between certain hours. You might even have to notify Google about this, so they can adjust their maps (JWA uses Google Maps).

For now though, just avoid dangerous areas like the plague.