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Please make event drops more common again

With the last major update, I have noticed a significant drop in the amount of event supply drops near me. I have more supply drops within range of my house than I did before, yet I have only seen an event drop within my range maybe once a week, sometimes none at all.

Today I went for an hour long walk, which is a lot for me because I have chronic pain and it is difficult to do so. Despite walking for an hour, I was only able to reach three event drops, one of which did not have a spawn at the time. In the end I only got one attempt on the event dinos. This is my daily experience now, and I have missed out on many attempts for rare and epic dinos in recent weeks.

I do not understand why the amount of event drops has been limited this much. If there are already a limited amount of attempts to collect DNA, it would not be a great issue to increase the amount of event drops so that everyone can have a fair chance at getting the featured event dino DNA. No one can go over the attempt limit, so it wouldn’t be giving anyone a steep advantage.

Having the event stops spaced so far apart from each other makes the game incredibly difficult to keep up with for anyone who cannot walk long distances. This includes people who have little time to play, people with disabilities such as myself, people in cold climates during the winter when walking long distances is difficult, and many others. You shouldn’t need to walk for several hours per day to get a decent amount of DNA from these events.

I understand trying to encourage players to walk more, but at this point it is only encouraging people to drive in a car. There is no other feasible way for many of us to get a decent amount of attempts. This used to be less of an issue, but it seems like the recent radar update made event drops more scarce. Please consider making them more common again, so that everyone has a fair chance at collecting the featured dino DNA.


Just wait for it Dee. I’m sure the resident posting queen will be along soon enough to point out anything and everything that is flawed within your post.

I’m not aware of any drama here, and I don’t want to get involved. I’m just a frustrated player hoping that something can be fixed.