Please make fuse DNA available outside of workhours


Right now some much needed epics for fusing like kentrosaurus, pyroraptor, erlikosaurus, ankylosaurus and T-rex are exclusive to daytime, which means that they only spawn during work hours.
This will only get worse (and better again) as the seasons change.
For people nearby the earth’s poles, this effect increases drastically, no t-rex will spawn on the north pole for 4 months!
I’m all for time dependant spawns, but please don’t keep them exclusive and/or rotate this.


I catch t rex more at night


Is it confirmed that the game will take seasonal changes into account when determining spawns? For example, it’s about to start getting dark a lot earlier here. Can I expect raptor spawns earlier? That would be great.


I actually see them more during the day. To be fair, though, I don’t get to play all that frequently at night.


At least people live in north pole can have 24hr. vraptor for 4 month lol


I usually see Utahraptors during the day and velociraptors at night. Like Killia, I’m also seeing more T-Rex at night. This seems to be generally true of in-game carnivores.

I actually kind like that because it’s also true of most species of living real-world carnivores. At the same time, I can also understand that seasonal changes will be frustrating to a certain percentage of players.


Right, I see the same. Velociraptor is generally a dawn/dusk/night spawn for me, while I see Utahraptor mostly during the day.

I like it as well. I’m just curious if seasonal changes will be taken into account by the game such that night will actually begin earlier, or if the game will simply continue to consider night as beginning around 8:30 as I see now.


I’m guessing that they will take seasonal changes into consideration. The game runs through Google Maps, and it’s timed to correlate pretty closely to actual twilight.


I hadn’t considered the Google Maps affiliation. That does lead me to believe that in-game time-of-day will change with the season. I’ll be curious to see if this actually impacts spawns.


Same! I’m also extremely anxious to know the answer.


Well, not extremely! But very, very curious! :joy:


My kids would like to see raptors more in daylight. Right now I have to catch the raptors early before sunrise for them before off to work.


This is the case.
Dawn starts 1 or 2 minutes later every day, and dusk starts 1 or 2 minutes earlier.
The 30 minutes I have before/after work to catch them will vanish to daylight starting ánd ending at work.


Thanks, afbakappeltaart! :slight_smile: That’s what I’ve been seeing, too, but my phone lags a little bit on occasion. So, I am occasionally about 1-2 minutes off.


Looks like the change in seasons WILL impact spawns. It just swapped to dusk before 7 pm here and I instantly had 2 velociraptors spawn nearby.


Does anyone know if there are plans to implement trading ? That seems like a natural development for this type of game, and it would also help to counteract any inconvenience caused by seasonal changes.